Why Isn’t The Media Interested in Katelyn and Linda Jones? - Granite Grok

Why Isn’t The Media Interested in Katelyn and Linda Jones?

James Cleveland Federal Bldg Concord NH

I took a trip to Concord, a small ghost town we call our state capital, to help a friend with a court case. While I was there, I took the opportunity to stop by the US  federal building on Pleasant St. That is the huge marble building dedicated to an old republican RINO.

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It has big chunks of stone surrounding it to protect it from attack.

As I have been there before, there is a routine I follow. Drop all my change on the car seat along with pocketknives, car keys, belt, Ninja stars, rocket launchers, and all-metal in my pockets.

But once at the revolving door to the Federal Building, I found I could not get in even though at least four people were staring at me from behind the doors. The doorman opened a side door and asked what my business was. I told him I was there to look at files.

What files?

Ones I am interested in.

Do I have a case?


What office are you going to?


They are not open to the public. You need to call and ask for files and if they agree to give them we will bring them to the door.

At this point, I just waved my hand and walked away as he announced the peon’s number to my back.

Empty-handed, I turned my attention to the multiple SUVs parked in front of the non-public monument.

I started photographing license plates of the idling vehicles. At about the fourth one people started popping out and bringing cameras and keeping an eye on me. The security people guarding the pile of marble were interested as well.

As I walked past the Mass, registered car in front of mine the driver rolled down the window and asked what my business was. I assumed they were feds guarding the marble.

Nope, I was told it was all press. Imagine, SUVs, one with at least six antennae poking out the top all belonging to the press. And once again, “What are you doing here?” the driver asked. And he pointed out the other people were now filming me.

I said I would make their jobs easier and handed this reporter my card and told him to check out Granite Grok because I was going to write about this incident. He wrote it down.

I then told this SUV driver I was here to review the file of Katelyn Jones, arrested in NH on federal charges for threatening a Michigan elector by sending photos of a chopped-up baby and woman, for not approving the electoral votes in that state.

The driver told me he was there for the federal indictment of some guy named Campbell who had the audacity of hope for a clean election. He attended the rally in DC on Jan. 6, which is now a federal crime.

So, the MSM is interested in Mr. Campbell but not the 23-year-old staying in Epping threatening a public official across state lines? That is a crime – has been for a long time.

Yes, Campbell, not Jones. This does provide some proof that all the cars were those of MSM “reporters.” All the proof I need.

So, I asked the reporter, a nice guy who said he has been a reporter for over 20 years, why he isn’t interested in Katelyn Jones and her mother Linda Jones.

I told the reporter that I am checking to see why this highly agitated, politically charged 23-year-old threatener, Katelyn Jones, is smart enough to know what an elector is, smart enough to dig up her home address and to find family members to threaten.

Katelyn was temporarily in NH staying at an address in Epping her mother uses.

In my history of looking at stories like this the first thing that comes to mind is: “What campaign was she with?”

The AP (far left “news” source) wrote about Katelyn Jones arrest and gave very few details, but had this revealing description of Katelyn: “Jones has ties to Olivet, Michigan, according to her driver’s license,”

News flash to all AP reporters! A current driver’s license has your domicile on it – your legal address. The address on that license is more than a tie to your legal residence.

As I pry more info out of the Katlyn Jones story, I will update.

As for Mr. Campbell, the same thing. My guess – NOT ANTIFA.