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NH AG – Call The Police On Maskless Customers

Chris Sununu Gordon MacDonald

New Hampshire Attorney Gordon MacDonald has a hearing coming up. He is nominated to be the next Supreme Leader of our State’s Supreme Court. So, is this him setting a bit of precedent?His office has issued a letter clarifying enforcement of the State’s Mask Mandate.

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Nh AG letter Cops Masks

To be fair, there are a lot of exemptions to the Statewide mandate. We even printed them on a placard that many of you have. Keep those handy. And the AG’s office letter does note this; and that if someone claims a medical exemption the business owners and staff are to accept that without question. They are also offered guidance on how to address that with masked customers who complain.

All well and good, but call the police when someone refuses to wear a mask?

This is an escalation in Covidism enforcement, in my opinion. A step in the wrong direction. And further evidence that his Majesty will – as predicted – re-up the mandate for some extended if not indefinite time.

That’s bad enough. But with MacDonald in the State’s High Court, we should expect no relief via the constitution to any of the executive branch overreach we’ve endured the past ten months.