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Gov Sununu Issues Statewide Public Mask Mandate for NH – Resist!

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As if on cue, we’ve been posting evidence of how mask mandates do nothing all week; Governor Sununu has – you guessed it – issued a statewide mask mandate indoors and outdoors.

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Effective Friday, Nov. 20th (tomorrow).

Beginning Friday, all persons over the age of 5 in the state shall wear mask or cloth face coverings over their noses and mouths any time they are in public spaces, indoors or outdoors, where they are unable to or do not consistently maintain a physical distance of at least six feet from persons outside their own households.

And yes, Chris Sununu is smoking the same crack as Sen. Hassan and the rest of them.

Sununu said the mask order was about keeping people safe and the economy going. Face coverings, he said, had been shown to curb the spread of the virus and was a responsible decision to make.

There is no evidence to demonstrate that this is true, which cannot be overwhelmingly contradicted by the tons of evidence that demonstrates it is false.

A few hours ago, we shared a Danish study that determined that wearing or not wearing a mask had nearly identical outcomes for incidents of positive COVID testing. That same link includes graphs that show the failure of these mandates to flatten the casedemic curve.

Yesterday, we shared Tom Woods COVID – Cult video, which demonstrates how absurd the cases-spike is a tool for public health.

Also today, we shared data out of Massachusetts showing that masks actually appear to be responsible for the spike in cases. There is no connection between mask mandates, cases, or any reduction in mortality.

And, of course, data right out of New Hampshire from yesterday, showing that positive tests mean nothing with regard to actual outcomes except the most common one, which is nothing. Nothing happens.

Finally – back to Tom Woods because he does a great job of taking down the whole thinking behind cases, lockdowns, masks, and distancing here. It’s got greater downsides and the government has no right to deny the rights of healthy people.

Alternatively, wearing masks and the lockdowns that follow cause serious damage to health and well-being, mental, physical, economic, and cultural.

But hey, our experts can’t be right, even when they are, because we’re not the governor who is clearly taking advice from Democrats (or maybe Joe Biden’s advisors) instead of Sweden or Gov. Noem in South Dakota.

For the record, I will not comply and not just because wearing a mask is bad for my health. ‘m not wearing one anywhere near or in my home. I am not wearing one anywhere outdoors.

And finally, you can wear one if you want and not wear one if you don’t. That’s your choice and that is how it should remain.