Merrimack Mandates Masks in their Recycling Center - Why? - Granite Grok

Merrimack Mandates Masks in their Recycling Center – Why?


Neither medical masks nor cloth face coverings are designed to stop the spread of a flu virus. The few studies ginned up to give some credence to the claim that they can or will are outnumbered by dozens more that say no. So, why has my town’s recycling facility demanded you wear them?

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A cursory search of the town website produced no document, discussion, agreement, or order declaring this new rule. There is nothing on the Town DPW Facebook page. The only reason I know at all is the large lighted sign before you enter the ‘barn’ where you drop off your so-called recyclable material.

I encountered it this morning. I exercised my medical exemption.

Besides, it’s a large open area with large openings on both ends that is breezy and not crowded even when packed with vehicles unloading material. Not that any of that matters. But here we are, and why are we here?

It wasn’t there a few days ago. So, over a month into the stupid statewide mask order (with its long list of allowable exceptions), we get this? Who decided?

Ignorance, fear, and if I had to guess one or two covidiot snowflakes making a screeching noise. It’s very similar to fingernails on a chalkboard. Even the toughest among us want it to stop. So I get it, I also get this.

Recycling is not mandated. How many people will be tossing that stuff out in the trash instead of putting up with another stupid, pointless, unscientific demand?

I bet it’s a much larger number than those who demanded the mask mandate in the recycling center.