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Listen Up … BLM, Anarchist, Antifa … Listen Up

Listen up

Listen up all you BLM, Anarchist, Antifa types. Time to get your head out. Isn’t it a little dystopian that a small group of billionaires just censored the President of the United States? Could it be a problem down the road giving these oligarchs that kind of autocratic power?

Most leftists are cheering the happenings over the weekend. They are doing it because they don’t want to be censored themselves. Just stop and think about that. They are rallying around and hoping the billionaires don’t notice their online rants against the power. They are out purging everything they’ve posted for years. Like that’s going to make a difference.

The rank and file Leftists do not seem to care. They are cheering on Trump’s and his supporters’ demise on social media. They are not grasping that the billionaires the rant and ramble about as despicable and greedy should be able to coordinate the political system to the exclusion of any kind of independent commentary or power structure. Who is next guys?

Today, rank and file Leftists are promoting fascism. This does not surprise conservatives because they tend to read history. Leftists say fascism is a right wing authoritarian ideology. So how do you argue what is going on isn’t authoritarian? Centrality is a left wing system. It is also a key facet of fascism. And did the actions have central coordination? Just asking.

Corporate and governmental power

If they are misnaming what is going on what do you call it? It is a fusing of corporatism and governmental power. Which is in the end what fascism aspires to, is it not? If you are supporting what has just gone on you are literally promoting fascism. It is more akin to what was done by the Nazi party than anything done by the alt-right. Logical consistency is not a strength of the Left. We get it and we wish you would too before it comes back to bite you in the derriere.

Leftists; you have become what you most fear. Police brutality, police shot people. When they shoot someone in the capital you applaud. What does that say about you? The neo-liberals don’t care either and they should wake up and pay attention. You are taking a knee if someone burns Wendy’s. But if someone smears crap in the capital building it’s a big problem? Say what?

Smash the system, we want revolution, screw the government, and bring out the guillotine. You constantly say such things. But when someone, not you, has the balls to enter the halls of Congress it’s OMG it’s a sacred space, really? The loss of decorum… hey there’s Nazi’s in there… what the hell?

Let’s be straight Leftists think a U.S. flag is a confederate flag. Leftists are being honest when they make such nutty claims. But you are not being honest at the moment, are you? Listen up all you BLM, Anarchist, Antifa types.

Not all Leftists are the same

There are three kinds of Leftists today. There are those who are afraid of banishment. They are political wonks pretending to support what’s going on. They are grifters doing it to protect themselves.

There are those who are crazy. They are blind and do not recognize what is happening. We are witnessing a coup by the one percent of the one percent. To acquire power over literally everyone else in the world. Globalism is an I wash your hands and you wash mine in which multi-billionaires and political elites around the world coordinate as one de facto power structure. It is the definition of a fascist system.

What’s going on is WWIII mentality. Corporations are normally constrained by the law. Politicians are constrained by the constitution. Government power is limited by such devices. That is not true in autocratic systems. Listen up all you BLM, Anarchist, Antifa types.

Power seeks power

What we currently have here is the government using corporations to get around the constitution. Simultaneously, our corporations have bought into the government in order to shape the laws favorably for themselves. What we’ve done is to destroy capitalism. We have sold the right to make law to private entities. Courts are moot.

Twitter, Google, Facebook and Amazon ganged up to take out Parler. That is already illegal. But they don’t care. The law is being ignored, or at least selectively enforced, which is probably worse. The people charged with enforcing laws just don’t care. Why was it important to buy district attorneys across the country? What is in progress is a corporate fascist coup going on. Is that a problem?

Some assert the third group of leftists are principled Leftists. I’ll leave to you to define what a principled Leftist is. Probably they are better called believers. They adhere to a religious ideology of political action where the ends justify the means and acquisition of power is all that matters. Consistency of logic or action is not required.

Should six people control the majority of all human communication? There are about one hundred people who control the world’s economy. Guess what you are not in that club. But the members if the coup are. What we have to struggle to retain is our liberty. Listen up all you BLM, Anarchist, Antifa types.

Do corporations and the government care about people?

The same corporations who were supporting the rioting after Fentanyl Floyd are the ones who think Trump is inciting insurrection by using the word fight. It is ignorant in the extreme. The word fight cannot possibly express the idea of struggle in a general sense. Big Tech oligarchs do not want the video on the internet because the  don’t want commonsense to take hold.

The truth is multi-billionaires are currently trying to usurp out political process. This is has the support of Leftist and even rational individuals. We the people have been told for years Trump is the fascist. It is not true and it is time to wake up. The same billionaires trying to orchestrate the coup are the ones telling you Trump is a fascist.

The coup is a handful of billionaires have gotten together and silenced the sitting President of the United States. That’s the coup. Whether you like Trump or hate Trump it does not change what is happening. There is a coup in progress. We are witnessing the most brazen and corrupt use force in our nation’s history.

These corporations are blatantly violating our rights. They are preventing you from taking part in communication in the public square. They have violated the U.S. Constitution. There are already court rulings in place which deem the POTUS accounts public property and POTUS cannot ban people from them. How is it Big Tech can? Listen up all you BLM, Anarchist, Antifa types.

The public square

The internet is the public square. Today we already have draconian lockdowns. There’s no other way for people to communicate. The purge in progress now, has prior planning. Maybe the plan was for later in the year but welcome to your Leftist utopia.

So, listen up all you BLM, Anarchist, Antifa types. Time to get your head out. Isn’t it a little dystopian that a small group of billionaires just censored the President of the United States? Could it be a problem down the road giving these oligarchs that kind of autocratic power? Remember Martin Niemöller:

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.

[Then] they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Listen up all you BLM, Anarchist, Antifa types. Which side are you on? What do you stand for?