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It’s Time to Start Asking the NH AG and Secretary of State Gardner What the Hell Is Going On

New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner

Since about 2016 I have been tracking a NH voter from Sterling Virginia and several other places. He seems to have some special immunity from prosecution because he has the proper political attitude. The press loves him as you can see from this video.

Yes, that is a lobby in the US Capitol Building we now have fenced IN.

This NH voter approached the President and a large upright walking turtle then threw a handful of small Russian flags at him.

Nice job Secret service! Standard procedure Capitol Police.

The fake news was surrounding the President in the lobby and that is where NH voter Ryan Todd Clayton, from Sterling Virginia and other places, sprung from.

He used fake ID to get that close.

Nice job Secret service! Standard procedure Capitol Police.

Ryan looks like a professional couch surfer and left-wing activist who chose to start voting in NH from 200 Bodewell Rd. in Manchester in 2014. His records I have show him voting from this address. He was still on the 2017 Manchester Checklist:




I turned Ryan Tood Clayton into the NH DOJ back in 2018. The person who came to the lobby to answer my questions about the US Attorney prosecuting voter fraud said, “Bring me three easy ones.” I did. They sent the complaint to…the Elections Unit of the NH AG’s Office central whitewash bucket.

One easy guy I turned in was caught on video and had a picture of himself casting an illegal absentee ballot. So much for the DOJ and now we know why.

Want to know more about NH voter Ryan Tood Clayton? You should, he suppressed your legitimate vote.

Real NH voters should read this about “NH” Voter Ryan Tood Clayton of Sterling, Virginia, Indiana, and DC.

“Trump and McConnell were walking into a lunch with Senate Republicans when the flags were tossed at them. Clayton, who was among members of the press and posing as a journalist, was arrested by the U.S. Capitol Police after the protest. Trump and McConnell did not flinch, walking into the lunch.”

“Among members of the press posing as a journalist?” Sound familiar?

It is an old trick for leftist activists and assassins to hide in the press. Antifa does it all the time. BLM does it, Marxist do it, John Hinkley did it, twice. It is hard to tell them apart.

You can hear the press in the first clip say, “It’s the same guy.” They know each other and coordinate efforts.

“He (Clayton) was charged with unlawful conduct, Capitol Police said in a press release. They said the investigation is still ongoing. Unlawful conduct is a misdemeanor that carries a potential sentence of up to 6 months in prison and/or a fine.

The U.S. House Administration Committee, which oversees the Capitol Police, was briefed on the incident, according to NBC Washington.”

Physically attacking the President and a turtle in the Capitol building is a misdemeanor? Tell that to people being arrested for being in the Capitol lobby Jan. 6, 2021.

Clayton gave Sterling, Virginia as his lawful residence when he was taken into custody by the Capitol Police Farce. I believe they work for Nancey Pelosi so this makes sense. Those “investigators” as in “Is this guy one of ours?” must have seen Clayton’s driver’s license.

Unlawful conduct? Attempt to assault the President and you get a misdemeanor.

Pro-Life activist Dr. Simone Gold was just arrested for using/possessing a bull horn on the Capitol steps and in the lobby, with no violence. The charges: Restricted Building or Grounds; Violent Entry and Disorderly Conduct.

Our boy, NH voter Ryan Tood Clayton was taken into custody by Capitol Police October 24, 2017.

Clayton was arrested for fighting in Harrisburg, Pa, Apr 29, 2017 and gave Sterling Va. as his legal residence then.

I am not going to waste ink on this NH voter other to say that Number 5 in this article exposes another interesting thing about Ryan Tood Clayton.

He was partners of sorts with vote suppressor Carl Robert Gibson in a failed venture called “US Uncut” which ended in a federal suit over ownership. That suit gives even more addresses for these two NH voters.

It’s time to start asking the NH AG and Secretary of State Gardner what the hell is going on.

I am packaging this all up to take to the people “in charge” of our elections, again.

Let’s see what they come up with.