Google Tech Workers Unionize to Demand More Censorship - Granite Grok

Google Tech Workers Unionize to Demand More Censorship


A group of engineers at Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has formed a union under the Communications Workers of America (CAW). Typically you do this to secure protections, better wages, or benefits, but that’s not what these “tech workers” want. They want more censorship!

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As one of its first official acts, the organization on Thursday released an open letter to YouTube executives blasting the company for its lackluster response to President Donald Trump’s part Wednesday in what it described as a “fascist coup attempt.” (YouTube is under the alphabet umbrella.) YouTube, the letter states, “refuses to hold Donald Trump accountable to the platform’s own rules by choosing only to remove one video instead of removing him from the platform entirely. Additionally, the platform only cited ‘election fraud’ as the reason for removing yesterday’s video, even as he clearly celebrates the individuals responsible for the violent coup attempt. … YouTube must no longer be a tool of fascist recruitment and oppression.”

You go, Snowflakes! And go, they will.

With over 500 members in the Alphabet Workers Union (AWU) and counting, they will be directing 1% of their compensation toward funding their priorities, of which their primary goal is “to see the company return to its original company standard: ‘Don’t be evil.’ ”

I’m having a tough time not laughing out loud. The union is literally recruiting and funding activism that is fascist.

Fascists use their influence or power to silence “speech” to which they object. For years, YouTube has been at this, as has Google, Twitter, Facebook, and now Amazon.

This is a blanket condemnation and demand for censorship based solely on their own opinion (to which they are entitled) or – more accurately – the opinion of partisan politicians and their media propagandists.

They are evil, and they don’t even know it.