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Data Point – Civil War


According to a new survey, a record high 71% of President Trump’s supporters believe the country is headed toward civil war. What’s more, 40% of President-elect Joe Biden’s supporters agree.

Trump has done little to cool feelings, today tweeting that he plans to stay in the fight after leaving office.

Headed to Civil War

Yeah, its not like the other side has been all Kumbuya, either. Deplatforming, continuing to call everyone NOT them white supremacists and extremists (what, they can’t get a new vocabulary? No better than their “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho” chants), Impeachment, Amendment 25, “Unity as long as you submit to US” from Progressives,

Sidenote: careful dudes, you’re starting to sound like militant Islamists – or is that gender dysphorians? Sheesh, there’s just to many groups on the Totem pole to keep track of anymore – their getting worse than Conservatives

…”put them all in the gutter”…so why WOULDN’T the Right think we’re getting closer and closer to Civil War II?

I am surprised, though, that the 40% of the Dems are thinking the same thing – but are these the descendants that started it all by firing on Fort Sumter?

(H/T: Washington Examiner)