Breaking - OathKeepers has been deplatformed - Granite Grok

Breaking – OathKeepers has been deplatformed

Oathkeepers Twitter banned

Ah yes, “deplatformed” is becoming a word Conservatives are becoming to know all too well. Meh – just add it to the others like extremist, ultra-right wing, selfish, all the -phobic names, white nationalists, white supremacists, the list keeps going on. Don’t worry, they’ll keep coming up with more just like the Identity Group aficionados keep coming up with more and more word sets to describe men and women.

Reader Doug send this in:

They just shut down Oathkeepers’ servers.

What the…

I’m curious what they are going to do once they think they have most patriot comms down…

And as you can see, Twitter also killed them off – it may have been a bit ago but I just looked (thus the “Featured Image” above). And although I already knew what the answer was going to be, I tried to FB them (yes, I deleted my account but I can still look):

Oathkeepers FB banned