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BlogLine of the Day – just like wars and homelessness, right?

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NOW THEY TELL US: New study: Lockdowns didn’t stop the spread of COVID-19 after all. Post-inauguration, it will all go away, won’t it?

It will all go away – just like the anti-war protests when Reagan left office and when Bush I and II left office. See the pattern here? Ditto when a new Republican President takes office – homelessness “unexpectedly” rises….and then disappears once they leave office.

Funny, I’ve been seeing calls from Democrat “elected representatives” like Mayors and Governors are all starting to go “hey, we gotta start opening up!” like Lightfoot in Chicago, Newsom in California (one of the WORST lockdown tyrant offenders). Make their economies tank by shutting them down in the name of “COVID!!!”. And now, just about the time that Trump is leaving and a new Democrat President is about to be inaugurated. I predict you’ll see more of this.

Oh, BTW, the Left is all agiddy that Trump will be the only President ever impeached twice – I pass this off as mere Political Revenge Porn.

May I offer this in rebuttal: Joe Biden will be the only President ever to have needed razor wire fences to protect him.

I was watching Newsmax two days ago and they were doing a segment on the troop buildup in DC (and in State Capitols) in advance of President Asterisk’s inauguration and former Marine Jessie Jane Duff had an observation (paraphrased as I lost the “DVR time” to transcribed it):

Tone deaf. Lawmakers, if you have to have all those troops in DC to protect you, you are tone deaf. You’re doing it wrong.

I’m sorry, this happens in third world countries. Thanks Joe Biden!

(H/T: Instapundit)