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Data Point – So, how did YOU meet your better half?

How do couples meet these days?  Everyone knows that meeting online is much more common now than it was … well … before there was an online.  But I did not realize until I saw this chart that there had been such a sharp uptick since 2000 in meeting in a bar or a restaurant.

Meeting your mate

Since 2000 or so, the number of couples who met in a bar or restaurant increased by about 50%.  It’s hard to know whether this is a real uptick in “cruising the bars” or something else.  But it makes me wonder whether all this concern over women’s safety at school and work has made them safer.

Funny, when I and TMEW were at the age of when most men and women were courting (yeah, an old word, I know, but one that holds a lot more meaning than a mere and pitiful “hook-up”), we did so on what seems to be the second lowest now – in church. It kinda go off to a rocky start: we were introduced by friends in our church. The next time, however and waiting for the morning service to start, I called out her name as she was walking up the aisle to go sit with a couple of her gal pals.

I got ignored.

That’s alright – things worked out OK as this June will be 40 years married. What would be fun is to take the data from above and plot it again “how long married / dated” info and see the “length of together” plotted against it.

So, where did you meet your better half?

(H/T: Instapundit)