Word Police Announce that ‘Brown Bag’, ‘Grandfathered’, and ‘Picnic’ are Offensive - Granite Grok

Word Police Announce that ‘Brown Bag’, ‘Grandfathered’, and ‘Picnic’ are Offensive

Speech Police

There’s a ‘Words Matter Task Force’ for the IT department at the University of Michigan. It’s job? Find ways to view everyday words as offensive and then teach you what to say instead. Why?

Relate: I see your baseless claim of transphobia, and raise you with my disability.

To effectively communicate with customers, it is important for ITS to evaluate the terms and language conventions that may hinder effective communication, harm morale, and deliberately or inadvertently exclude people from feeling accepted to foment a healthy and inclusive culture.

What’s inclusive, and keep in mind that this is the IT department?

MU IT Speech police

Got that? No, that’s not it. A picnic is a gathering if you happen to live someplace where “gathering” is even permitted, which, let me tell you, is no picnic.

Grandfathered is a no-no. Use ‘Legacy Status,’ Exempted or Excused.

“Dummy,” nope, use ‘placeholder.’

Even “sanity check” is bad. That makes sense – the Words Matter Task Force could use one. Use “quick check, confidence check, coherence check.”

Coherence check?

I have no confidence in the future (the MU IT department) or the rest of the nation if this crap is allowed to proceed unchallenged.

Here are their list and a link to the “memo,” and note that the list will continue to grow.

MU IT Speech police Inclusive language 2.2
MU IT Speech police Inclusive language 3