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These Are Not the Results of Experts at Anything but Failure

I will not comply Gadsden Flag

If the title looks familiar, it’s a sentence from this post, published a few hours earlier. The point? The people holding the reins to the public health trumps all sleigh are lousy at the job.

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The government and public policy are still doing it wrong and punishing everyone for that fault. While literally screwing up the only part of it that truly matters. Long Term Care Facilities (LTCF) continue to be ground zero for COVID19 deaths after nine months of hammering.

I’m revisiting this failure for two reasons. First, it can’t be emphasized enough. They are destroying the lives of healthy people to protect people they can’t keep from dying (the elderly in homes and long term care).

Before you shine up your pitchfork and oil your torches, you should understand that there is no stopping the spread but that this is meaningless but to the very old or very sick.

Look at all the data and graphs we’ve shared. Do everything or do nothing, and “the spread” could care less. This means that the only thing we can control is the effect the response has on our public health.

The only curve that needs to be flattened is political fear, fraud, and abuse.

The only spread we can stop is the economic ruin and mental and public health catastrophe created by politicians.

To that end, two videos.

The first asks the question I framed in the context of experts’ failure, the title of this piece. It’s older, but he makes important points that are still valid today.


The second is a gentleman talking to a crowd of business owners about surviving the response. His point is that they have to stop allowing themselves to be treated as victims—a message we all need to hear.



They have done what they’ve done and have no plans to stop. It is time for us to plan and execute our own response to their failure.

Freedom, liberty, success, or failure by our own hands, not that of politicians and government employees who work for us, most of whom have not missed that paycheck or a step since the beginning.

Take it back in 2021.

They had their turn; now it’s ours.