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Santa Came Early This Year to the Swamp

Federal Funds

Many Americans are settling in for the holidays. The bi-partisan swamp in DC has already given itself gifts from you. Santa came early this year to the swamp. It arrived last Monday night. Ho, Ho, Ho… The joke’s on you.

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That’s right, Monday night; Congress passed a $900 billion-dollar “coronavirus” bailout bill. It should be called the taxpayer abuse bill. Here’s just some of what’s in it:

There is $10 million for “gender programs” in Pakistan. Please explain how gender programs in Pakistan advantage the hungry and homeless in America. Make me an argument that holds water that in a Muslim majority country this is anything but U.S. taxpayer-funded Pakistani corruption.

There is another $40 million for the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts — AGAIN! They took your taxpayer money and shut down the last time around. Now apparently we have so much tax money we are giving them more money to stay shutdown? And that’s because they have so much value… when they are shut down. And oh by the way they are locked down and public performances cannot be put on. Money well spent I’m sure…

And there is $10 billion to loan forgiveness to the Post Office. It was not asked for. Worse yet this does not address the underlying issues the USPS does have. They are losing billions of dollars per year. That cannot change unless and until the organization changes to conform to the needs of today. Can you hear the flushing sound of your tax dollars disappearing?

There is another $14 billion for mass transit programs. There is $10 billion for state highways. There is $1 billion for Amtrak. These are federal dollars for more “shovel ready” projects. How did that work out the last time around?

You’ll love this one. There’s $15 billion for live entertainment venues, cultural institutions, and independent movie theaters. We are locked down and these Bozos want to give away tax dollars. Why don’t we just open up the economy and keep the $15 billion in the bank? Sweden did not do a virus lockdown at all. They are not in a different place with respect to the virus than anyone who did lockdown. Just saying…

Then there’s $82 billion to K-12 schools. There’s another $23 billion to colleges and universities. But wait you say they are all closed… remote learning you say… That’s ineffective you say. The teachers don’t want to go back to school. They don’t want to teach. But there’s almost no risk to kids… And why are we spending over a hundred billion dollars on schools that no one is going to? Just asking?

And god knows we need two new Smithsonian museums on the National Mall, a Museum of Women’s History and Museum of the American Latino. Because we are locked down and cannot use them and we are running a deficit of how many trillions for this year alone on top of how much debt?

Are you okay with your hard-earned tax dollars being spent like this? Hey, you voted for these Bozos. Just thought you should say thank you to them. They are helping your kids and grandkids to have enough debt around their necks like a millstone to ensure their future is poverty-ridden.