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Mayor and Aldermen Plan to Kick Nashua Taxpayer’s While They are Down

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Once again, the mayor and the Board of Aldermen are going to kick Nashua taxpayer while they are down. Tonight at 6:30 PM, there is a special meeting to address a double-digit increase on all sewer use fees over the next two years.

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They are requesting that the city increase the Sewer Use Fee on all residents by 35%;  20% in 2021 and 15% in 2022. These figures represent the quarterly bill residents get for water waste.

And the agenda provides no time for PUBLIC COMMENT.

While some Nashua residents have lost their jobs and others have had to take a decrease in their salary during this pandemic, the only ones getting increases are the people who get paid with taxpayer’s funds. It appears that they will be the only ones able to pay their bills. The mayor needs to start thinking about ALL RESIDENTS and not just the residents getting paid via taxpayers’ funds.

The Board of Aldermen will be voting on this item tonight.  Residents need to call their Aldermen and/or call into the meeting (information below) and tell both the mayor and the Board of Aldermen that this should not go through.  Residents need to tell their Aldermen that this increase should be vetoed tonight. If the city cannot run the sewer department within their current budget, then maybe the Nashua taxpayer should get people who can.

Join The Zoom Meeting Online Here
Meeting ID: 874 2145 6400 Passcode: 257397

Or, join by phone: 1-929-205-6099
Meeting ID: 874 2145 6400 Passcode: 257397