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Massachusetts: 16-Year-Olds Can Get Abortions Without Parental Consent

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Maskachusetts Governor Lockdown Charlie Parker (Baker), in a meaningless gesture, vetoed the bill. But the left wants what the left wants. The Democrat Majority (forever) legislature easily overrode the veto. It is now lawful for girls as young as 16 to get abortions in the Bay State without parental consent.

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‘The Senate’s 32-8 vote came just a day after the House’s vote of 107-46.’

The legislation also allows abortions after 24-weeks “if the child isn’t expected to survive after birth.” Newsflash, none of us are. We all die eventually. Some during and at birth through acts of abortion sanctioned by Democrats. And while that may not have been “what they meant,” after doing this for 12 years, that’s exactly what they meant.

Devaluing life is as essential to progressivism as devaluing words and ideas that present barriers to left-wing priorities.

The new law also allows abortions “if it is necessary, in the best medical judgment of the physician, to preserve the patient’s physical or mental health.”

The medical professional, in most cases, is the abortion shop that makes money on abortions.

Isn’t this like saying your car can be “repaired” if it is necessary in the best judgment of the mechanic, to ensure the future safety of the driver or passengers?”

I have no objection to abortions for pregnancies that actually put the mother’s life at risk, but I don’t think we need legislation for that. Moms, Dads, and doctors can already make that call without meddling politicians giving party donors a larger pool of potential customers.

As to the “child isn’t expected to survive” provision, that looks like eugenics. A rubber-stamp to end a pregnancy that could result in a less than perfect little person based on some increasingly arbitrary standard.

Rebecca Hart Holder, the executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts, said, of this legislation, that “Today gender equality took a massive step forward.”

In China, for many years, one of their provisions to justify abortion was “if it’s not a boy.”

Democrats, like China, seek justification to purify the population at any point at which they deem that life as no longer viable as regards the party political goals. That’s just a fact, and the absence of a womb is no barrier. It’s a feature of their ideology and the inevitable police state required to protect their power.

This legislation also eliminated a 24-hour waiting period.

Holder and Mass Dems have empowered girls (and their child rapists) to end pregnancies without delay, and they are excited about that.