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Massive Pro-Trump March in DC and a Smaller One Closer to Home

Reporting yesterday’s rally and march, the Epoch Times leads with “Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the country joined a peaceful rally on Nov. 14 in the nation’s capital.” The Local paper, the Union Leader, has the Reuters story that leads with “Thousands.”

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Thousands. Well, it’s not exactly a lie. But it’s a bit deceptive, as the Epoch Times picture above and the video below shows us.

If they were BLM, I’d expect them to report a larger number for the same crowd. Much larger. They are (the media), after all, the folks who can stand in front of burning buildings and claim those are mostly peaceful protests, but a peaceful protest for Trump is not worth much attention.

Locally, I found a report from last week about a Trump rally and March in New Hampshire but nothing about the one yesterday. That could be my fault, but I doubt it. The ‘Local Paper’ has been swirling in the blue water in Democrat State Party Chair Ray Buckley’s bowl for a while.

WMUR, the local ABC affiliate, appears to have ignored all of it. No one was holding defund the police signs, and Andy Volinsky wasn’t present, so I guess it wasn’t worth the time.

And the local rally was not huge. About 150 people, according to Liz Gabert. She took pictures for me, which I’ve shared below. But it happened we’d like to thank Liz for sharing her photos with us.

For more on the DC Rally and march, The  Epoch Times has comprehensive coverage of that here.

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