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Lawsuit Asks Judge to Void Michigan Election (Wayne County) and Order a New One


I’ve been trying to picture how some of this mess gets undone. Someone in Wayne County, Michigan, has an idea. They filed a 78-page lawsuit alleging rampant fraud. If a judge agrees, they could vacate the old one and order a new county election.

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Given the timetable, this seems unlikely to me, but there is also the matter of witnesses. There are a lot of them. They all report illegal activity.

  • City of Detroit election workers and employees coaching and trying to coach voters to vote for Joe Biden.
  • [A]n election official violating guidelines on how to count ballots
  • Poll watchers illegally pressured to only observe ballot counting from a distance.
  • Post-election shipment of absentee ballots would be arriving and needed to be counted.

Sitto said he overheard other challengers say that vehicles with out-of-state license plates pulled up outside the center just minutes before and unloaded boxes of ballots. Soon, tens of thousands of ballots were brought in and placed on eight tables.

Every ballot Sitto witnessed being counted was cast for the Democratic presidential nominee.

  • [T]housands of ballots that were from unknown, unverified persons being counted
  • [T]he names were not in the Qualified Voter File or supplemental documents. In addition, all the birthdates were marked as 01-01-1900, he alleged.

That’s just Waye County and the city of Detroit.

Biden was declared the winner of Michigan, with a margin of about 145,000 votes, according to unofficial results that haven’t been certified.

Biden became the un-elected president-elect yesterday when Real Clear Politics took Pennsylvania off Joe’s docket. CNN did the same with Arizona.  There are issues in Michigan and other states. The question again is, what if anything can be done?

And will it stop the steal?

Image: USA Today