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Just Call Me Spike: Massachusetts Flooding Schools with Faulty PCR Tests

Massachusetts we want your money

Massachusetts has a spike. It’s meaningless unless you mean to scare people unnecessarily. Here in New Hampshire, 99.83% of people who test positive on the PCR test live to tell the tale. I expect the results in Maskachusetts are similar and destined to improve after they flood the schools with these test kits.

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With COVID-19 cases rising, Massachusetts school officials plan to launch a rapid coronavirus testing program at schools in early December for students and staff members who are experiencing symptoms.

The program, announced by Massachusetts Education Commissioner Jeffrey C. Riley at a press conference Wednesday, will initially be launched in 134 public school districts, charter schools, and special education collaboratives. The December launch is the first phase of the testing program, which will use Abbott BinaxNow tests.

With COVID cases rising (after six months or more of a mask mandate), we’d like to make them rise more. That’s what this will do. Children, in particular, have almost no fear of this thing.  But if you want to test until you find positives, the PCR test excels at false-positives. And again, for no purpose but to scare people into allowing the state to deny them their constitutional rights.

The Globe reports that the program is voluntary but is it? Little else about this business has been voluntary when most if not all of it should be. Gov. Baker is also reported to have said that college students “need to get a negative test 72 hours before they return home for the holiday.”

He means students who live in Massachusetts and go to school outside the state. Well. I hope that’s what he means.