In 2019 Jeanne Shaheen's Buddy Liz Warren Was Worried About Vote Switching by Dominion Voting Systems - Granite Grok

In 2019 Jeanne Shaheen’s Buddy Liz Warren Was Worried About Vote Switching by Dominion Voting Systems


There is much discussion about the flaws and failures (and corruptibility) of voting machines these days. And as the Dominion system faces scrutiny, the Left – pining for a Biden Presidency – is calling it bunk. A desperate conspiracy theory. One that Democrat Senators warned us about in 2019.



In a December 2019 letter to Dominion Voting Systems, which has been mired in controversy after a human error involving its machines in Antrim County, Michigan, resulted in incorrect counts, Democratic Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Ron Wyden, and Amy Klobuchar and congressman Mark Pocan warned about reports of machines “switching votes,” “undisclosed vulnerabilities,” and “improbable” results that “threaten the integrity of our elections.”

“These problems threaten the integrity of our elections.”


They did until they did not? More or less, yes. When election integrity became a victory strategy for Democrats and their media allies concern went out the window.

The New York Times (care of the Washingon Examiner again) quotes some other expert who now says, nothing to see here.


“Many of the claims being asserted about Dominion and questionable voting technology is misinformation at best and, in many cases, they’re outright disinformation,” Edward Perez, an election-technology expert at a nonprofit group that studies voting infrastructure, said this week. “I’m not aware of any evidence of specific things or defects in Dominion software that would lead one to believe that votes had been recorded or counted incorrectly.”


And yet the irregularities come to us care of states using the Dominion system, exhibiting the sorts of issues that Sen. Warren and others found concerning in 2019. Just not now.