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Be Patient: Biden Will Never Be President of Our Nation

Lin Wood

More good thoughts from those working to uncover the substantial manipulation of the election results on November 3rd. An undertaking that has grown a life of its own. The Big Lie in the form of vote fraud.

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The Big Lie is the prevarication so absurd that people will actually believe it because it is almost too far fetched not to be true. Repeated endlessly (by, say, the media), it becomes a truth.

The election news is long past absurd. Blocking observers. Raids on election data servers in foreign countries. Printed duplicate ballots (en mass). Biden is getting more votes than Obama (seriously?). The list of problems is mind-boggling. Well past what any normal person could call suspicious.

The problem is that if it is another Deep State Coup, the deep state is in DHS, the FBI, the CIA, the Congress, the Judiciary, the media, it is everywhere. That’s a big hill to climb even with a mountain of evidence.

Attorney Lin Wood has some thoughts he’d like to share on that. And it might brighten up your day.

“Be Patient; Biden will never be president of our nation. To the contrary, Biden, along with many others, will be an inmate. Be Patient, Trust Trump.”
Here’s Howie Carr’s excellent interview with Lin Wood.

And, if you are interested, here’s another interview with Howie and Lin Wood.