Notable Quote - "We Are on the Precipice as a Nation Right Now..." - Granite Grok

Notable Quote – “We Are on the Precipice as a Nation Right Now…”

The Biden-Harris Ticket

The problem with Democrats is they want Government to do EVERYTHING for everyone and are willing to take away Liberty from some to be able to give stuff to others.

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I usually don’t like to go all apocalyptic gloom and doom about an election but I feel the need for a little conservative emo at the moment.

I’m not a fan of Donald Trump’s re-election simply because I’m a Republican and loathe the Democratic alternative. I’m a fan because he is the second greatest conservative president in history. The first was Ronald Reagan, of course (we don’t include Abraham Lincoln in discussions like this because he is a stand-alone figure in history).

I am the resident pessimist here at the Townhall Mothership about the president’s re-election chances. I wish I could take comfort from my friends and colleagues who feel that Trump has got this election but I just can’t find my way to what I feel is irrational exuberance. I wish I could, because I really do feel that this is a watershed election.

I  will now examine the political landscape as I see it.

We are on the precipice as a nation right now. We’re faced with a choice between people who value life and liberty and people who want to take your guns, keep you from going to church, and criminalize speech.

If Donald Trump isn’t re-elected the American experiment is over.

-Stephen Kruiser (The Morning Briefing: Vote Trump or Have Your Freedom Die)

Kruiser missed a few: I’d put Washington on that list first. He also missed my favorite up to now: Calvin “Silent Cal” Coolidge.

Given that the Democrats, Socialists, Progressives, and Communists are embracing Critical Race Theory (e.g. the Democrat Identity Group Politics Totem Pole) which mandates that Whites are all racists and must be forced to pay “reparations” of all sorts, you can be certain that Freedom will be “withdrawn” from a lot of people that don’t go along with their GroupThink.