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NH Economy Continues to Improve in September as Unemployment Drops 0.6%

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The Federal unemployment rate improved half a percent to 7.9%. Here in New Hampshire, the seasonally adjusted rate dropped 0.6%. State unemployment sits at 6% as the outlook continues to improve.

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New Hampshire’s preliminary seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for September 2020 was 6.0 percent, reflecting the impact on unemployment due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and efforts to contain it. This was a decrease of 0.6 percentage points from the August rate, which increased to 6.6 percent after revision. The September 2019 seasonally adjusted rate was 2.6 percent.

Seasonally adjusted estimates for September 2020 placed the number of employed residents at 697,230, an increase of 7,900 from the previous month and a decrease of 59,230 from September 2019. The number of unemployed residents decreased by 4,410 over-the-month to 44,510. This was 24,580 more unemployed than in September 2019. From August to September 2020, the total labor force increased by 3,490 to 741,740. This was a decrease of 34,650 from September 2019.


There is still a good deal of work to do here, but the news continues to be good. And not what the Democrats would hope for. They were all in on economic ruin heading into the election.

The idea was to unseat Trump and take as many Republicans with him as they could. Heck, they promised to take them (republicans) out after if they won. Trump supporters are all on notice. Wondering if they mean it, look at the mobster handmaids in Antifa and BLM and tell me if you think they were serious?

The solution to that, as it so happens, is related to our economic health. Keeping Democrats out of office is the best thing you can do for an economy. It also happens to improve the odds that you’ll have safer neighborhoods, better lifestyles, and lower taxes.

It was a joke in 2018, but it’s real now. Jobs, not Mobs. It seems like a simple enough choice, and yet some folks still don’t see it.