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NBC Busted for Peddling Biden Supporters to Viewers as Undecided Voters

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NBC is a partisan s**t show that keeps finding a way to get worse. Monday, they put on a political infomercial sold as a town hall event. Get the people’s pulse. And they did that by gathering up known Biden-Harris supporters and telling viewers they were undecided voters.

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Blaze Media has the details. At this Miami Townhall, undecided voters were to ask candidate Joe Biden questions. The problem? Actual reporters realized later that the “audience members” were what we call ‘decided voters.’ Supporters of the candidate, Joe Biden.


Lawyer Peter Gonzalez and marketing executive Ismael Llano were both featured audience members who posed questions to Biden. They were described by NBC News as part of an “audience of undecided Florida voters.” But the Free Beacon found video from an MSNBC segment in August in which these “undecided” voters explained why they were supporting Biden.


Wait, there’s more!


Michelle Cruz Marrero, described as a former Republican by NBC News, has several Facebook cover photos that show support for Biden and his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris. “Pro-America, anti-Trump” one says. – Another audience member, Cassidy Brown, reportedly retweeted an pro-Biden account that attacked President Trump for allegedly calling deceased military soldiers “losers.”


There was nothing “town hall” about this. The audience was handpicked or, at the very least, stacked with known pro-Biden-Hariss commodities. The odds are also excellent that the questions were planted, the questioners pre-picked, and approved. And yes, Biden already knew the questions and probably (I’d bet big money) was wired in case he stumbled on the practiced answers.

It was a show. Produced, directed, and packaged to sell Joe Biden as middle America-everyman. An elite act of fraud perpetrated upon the American people by a Network that has long since given up any interest in the truth.