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Is NYC a Proxy for American Cities?

Is NYC a Proxy for American Cities?

If you are in an American city, the sound you are hearing is the lack of traffic. It is the sound of your future if you vote for the Socialists and Islamists masquerading as Democrats. That sound is the lack of hum. It is the sound of a city in a death spiral.

Are the Socialists and Islamists masquerading as Democrats today engaged in a civilizational war? If you listen to what is in their platform they are. We are in the midst of relentless fearmongering about a non-pandemic. It isn’t that the virus does not exist. It does.

But it is not the evil boogey man these denizens of social media and the main stream media portray. It is not as lethal nor as infectious as they have fear mongered. We know that. Even the WHO is now saying don’t lockdown.

They are using fear of a pandemic to choke major American cities. The hypocrisy is: on the one hand, they use unreasoned fear to force the compliance of the average American. Then, on the other hand, they use their armed rioters, looters and anarchists to destroy facilities and commerce in our cities. At the same time no action is taken against non-mask wearing rioters and looters.

Results stem from leadership

Look at New York City. It is plagued with joblessness. The Unemployment rate was peaking around 20% this summer. It was double the national rate. Why is that? It is because of terrible leadership at the state level and even worse leadership at the city level.

The poor initial decision making forced virus patients into facilities full of people with compromised immune systems. The numbers of deaths predictably skyrocketed. An ounce of commonsense told us this was the logical outcome. But that’s what what those with positional authority did.

They did it only because of how much Democrat leadership cares for the people is controls. It cares about power. It cares about control. People? Well. not so much. They ends justify the means. That’s what they tell us and we just have not been listening. Is NYC a Proxy for American cities? It is beginning to feel like it is.

Just think about what is happening in this bastion of Democrat leadership, NYC. The numbers are all pretty much bleak. About 1,200 restaurants have closed permanently since March. And why is that? The city has around 600,000 fewer jobs than a year ago. And what has the mayor or governor done about that?

What’s the plan?

About one third of all of the city’s small businesses may never reopen. That’s Democrat leadership. All they want to do is lock down, mask up and hope for a vaccine. Well guess what? Hope isn’t a plan. Hope just doesn’t feed the bulldog. They just don’t care if you starve in the mean time. Of course, it’s not just about numbers.

It’s the vitality of the city itself. In New York it has been struck down. Tourism is a thing of the past. Hotels lay in waste. Broadway remains dark. It isn’t even planning to try to move on. Maybe next year; that’s the hope Democrat leadership is offering. Offices spaces are just that… vacant spaces.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the subways, is hemorrhaging $200 million a week. How long can that last? The plan… Hope and change… Nobody, it seems, is going anywhere. The subway platforms are basically ghost towns. Nothing is changing. The Democrat leadership does not care. The other explanation is; they have no vision for how to restart the economic system. The do nothing alternative means death.

When you shut the city down what happens to the city’s tax base? If you are imagining wreckage you are getting the picture. When you tax transactions and nobody is buying or selling revenue goes pretty much to zero in a hurry. The longer your leadership takes to respond the larger the economic crater. Is NYC a Proxy for American cities? Well, Democrats are way better at promises than their opposition. But results matter.

Why are we doing what we are doing?

But do Democrats care? No, you see the results as acquiring power. If harming the people they acquire power over is the price that must be paid. Well, the ends justify the means. Ever been to NYC? Did you encounter foot traffic there? Today you can forget foot traffic. Nightlife is practically Zero. And the beehive of midtown Manhattan is dead in most respects. You can still shoot up in the alleys.

The New York you may remember it, is gone. The city has always been about the imagination and action. Hitting the big time was New York City. The hustle of the street jockeying was electrifying. There was the oasis of Central Park with its nooks and crannies.

The city was a bubbling concoction of diversity, energy action and greatness. Not today. Mayor DeBlasio has killed it. Governor Cuomo seems intent on driving a stake through its heart. It’s Democrat leadership. All because they care; they are doing it for the children. Or maybe these days they are doing it to the children. Is NYC a Proxy for American cities? The leadership goals are the party goals. Will the results be the party results?

Don’t forget this is the city that stood up to 9/11. It’s the city where George Washington prayed to God. That was when he became the first president of this republic. Today, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo are in control. They continue to impose various COVID-19 restrictions on travel, dining, and people’s movement. How long are we the people going to allow this tyranny?

We need vision, drive and enthusiasm

If we don’t throw off the Democrat tyranny of the virus it may just kill New York and many other cities. Our lack of reaction to the tyranny just might do what the British could not do. It may do what no war, no recession, no depressions has ever done. Our cities are in trouble for one reason; lack of leadership. We need vision, drive and enthusiasm.

That’s not what led us to where we are today. Democrat leadership brought our cites here. We are at the threshold of economic collapse and rising violence. It is time for us to decide. We will either reelect Democrats and cross the threshold to chaos or we will change and return to what brought America freedom and prosperity.

The city isn’t about skyscrapers; it has always been about its towering people. But people are being sucked dry. They are being subjected to tyranny in terms of freedom, in terms of economics and  in terms of hope. The people of our cities are being crushed; ground under foot. Those still with spirit are fleeing en masse.

The dark early days of the virus are past. New York has managed to keep infection numbers low for several months. But New York is seeing the rise of shootings and other violent crimes. Shooting victims rose 81% and shooting incidents increased 76% from Jan. 1 through Aug. 2.

Civilizational war

This is in comparison with the same time a year ago. The recent rioting and looting have cast a long shadow over the city. The city id devolving to the violence levels of pre-Juliani days. We need economic responsibility, pragmatic economic regeneration and a return to prosperity. It is time to stop tilting with ideological windmills.

We are back to the financially destitute 1970s. Remember when a stroll down Times Square meant likely seeing an unconscious body prone on the sidewalk. Nobody cared, people stepped over and around it. But even New York of that hard time wasn’t as bad as it is now.

What happened to New York, the capital of the world? The Rome of the 21st century? The center of culture, media, finance, theater, food, fashion… What’s happening to New York is happening to other cities across the nation.

It’s largely not a medical event. It’s a conscious decision about how we live and what we do. The civilization war led by the Socialists and Islamists masquerading as Democrats is having its desired effect. It is a planned and coordinated attack on our western civilization. Understand it for what it is.

How to turn this around

Here’s what needs to happen to resuscitate the city. This assumes common sense safeguards: Open all restaurants, open Broadway, open museums and other cultural institutions. Open all churches. The city should slash prices for subways and other public transit by half.

It is time for the city to institute tax and payroll incentives to get the city back to work. The city should launch a campaign, to rival the “I Love New York” slogan that originated in the 1970s. What we need now is political courage, not grandstanding.

It’s a human decision whether we save the city or not. Do we want to embrace the Judeo-Christian values and principles? We know they brought America freedom and prosperity. Or are we just going to commit civilization suicide? Which side are you on?