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Are Democrats Lying About NH State Senator Bob Guida Increasing Taxes? Of Course They Are

Bob Guida

While out campaigning door-to-door yesterday, I noticed several signs planted by NH Democrats claiming that I support increasing your property taxes – clearly an act of desperation to shift your attention away from their attempts to saddle you with an income tax.

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I have a 25-year public voting record in local and state office (Selectman, School Board, NH House, and NH Senate), championing lower property taxes and lower business taxes.

Keeping local property taxes low isn’t rocket science; it’s simply a matter of voting on the Warrant Articles at your annual Town and School District meetings. The state doesn’t set your local property taxes. The residents of your community do. And if a majority want to spend more, you’re going to pay more.

I’ve sponsored and voted for legislation that sent $246 million back to NH towns and cities – actually REDUCING your local property taxes. Those funds came from the booming economy that resulted from federal and state Republican-sponsored tax cuts that let our business owners to invest in new equipment, new employees, and new product lines, generating an explosion in state revenue.

As a 2-term member of the Finance and Ways & Means Committees in the NH Senate, I’ve watched Democrats constantly work to increase business taxes for more unnecessary spending in the state budget. Total state spending under Republicans for the FY 2018-2019 biennium was up 2.3% each year, easily sustainable with the booming economy. Total state spending under Democrats for the FY2020-2021 biennium was up 6.2% each year, not sustainable in ANY economy.

Don’t be fooled by the Democrats’ misrepresentation of my record on local and state taxes. Just check the facts for yourself, and the truth will quickly become apparent: it’s not Bob Giuda who raises local and state taxes; it’s Democrats who believe the government is the answer to every problem, and plundering your pocketbook is the way to pay for it.