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And in Her Fevered State of Being, I’m Betting Jennifer Horn Thought This One Up

Stupidity on a stick – well, that fits, doesn’t it? Fevered emotion, and a fevered need for yet one more dollar on a string. Who’d they have to fleece to make this self-aggrandizing video? Jennifer Horn really does fit in well with this bunch.

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Nice, JHo, using a child as a political pawn: Twitter:



Seriously, they’ve all lost their minds.

They must be still looking for the cookies that the Dark Side kept telling the Lincoln Project they had.  Their visceral hatred of Trump has jumped the fence, jumped the creek, and jumped the shark.

I just can’t imagine the bender these nitwits must have been on to have thought this up.

I’ve been in disbelief that the Progressives keep yipping that Trump is not going to leave the White House if he loses. Frankly, if reports that voter fraud, ballot fraud, and the like are rampant over a large amount of the country (why else insist on early voting, vote by mail, getting judges to overrule proper legislation on returning those ballots), I’d be hesitant as well.

Losing because you lost is one thing; losing because it truly is stolen via fraud is another thing. But to boldly state that Trump has rigged things up forever really is a step too silly and stupid. It just shows how badly they think of the electorate.

So, when this is all over, WHO do these political grifters think will ever hire them again?

(H/T: RedState)