Trump Rally - Manchester Airport - Exclusive Grok Video - Granite Grok

Trump Rally – Manchester Airport – Exclusive Grok Video

Trump - Podium at MHT rally

As most of you know, President Trump flew to Manchester, NH after the RNC convention this past Friday. John Irish – who owns and runs Analog:db (see his biz card at the bottom of the post) – offered to cover the Airport Rally for GraniteGrok.

ICYMI:   Eli Clemmer Drops out of NHCD2 Republican Primary – Endorses Steve Negron

Armed with his cameras, he shot a couple of hours of video for us (that’s the exclusive part) and it’s time to start rolling it out:

Part 1 – the preliminaries (Invocation, Pledge of Allegiance, National Anthem) as well as candidates Corky Messner and Matt Mowers for the NH GOP nominations for US Senate and US House of Representatives, respectively:

Part 2 – “The Beast” appears, Air Force One goes “wheels down”, and President Trump takes the stage

That’s it for the “first installment.” Please check back for President Trump’s  address coming up in a bit

John’s Business Card – as Promised

John Irish Analog:db