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Palate Cleanser – So, I was out Raking my Acorns…


I generally don’t watch network television – I watch TV for escapism and I’m not going to sell my eyeballs to programs that are going to “Lefty preach” at me. A GOOD preacher is one that talks with you even though they’re up in the pulpit (or, in more contemporary worship services, walking – a bit – on the stage).

They’re talking and you’re pondering on his words as he’s sermonizing from Bible passages. Loud one way, silent back to the source.

That said, there are shows I do watch – mostly reality shows like Axe Men, Wicked Tuna, Bering Sea Gold, and Dangerous Catch; shows that are about real life and real folks doing real things. Yes, I know, they can be scripted or staged but not like regular network drama, comedy, or news shows (which are certainly staged and are certainly preachy AT you). Gold Rush is also one I watch.

Acorns, Acorns, and more Acorns.

In spite of this summer-long drought, I’ve got SCADS of acorns, more than usual. TONS of them. And with the new roof (metal), it’s clear when they hit the house). Yes, they are smaller than normal but certainly more numerous. But as I was raking them today (they make leaf-blowing and raking leaves harder), all my mind could focus on was:

If each of these acorns had the value of a gold nugget, I’d never have to rake them ever again.

I had actually gone out to cut my grass – such as it is given an entire summer of drought. One of my major projects for the summer was to “reclaim” my back yard. Spent a lot of time, Turf Builder, and EZSeed to both bolster the soil and fill in all the bare spots; and it was paying off, too. “Lush” was the word (redemption was another word given that I, with the bio degree, had killed it off several times in the past) and even with the drought, some of it was still green:

Lush lawn

Raking my acorns was not easy in that – long green grass (but not as green as it was back in June). However, it became clear that there was a BIG difference in other areas:

Desert lawn

ARRGGHHHHH. All that time, puff!, into dust. It made for much easier raking but I’d rather have had the green grass. What’s more, it wasn’t in patches, it was like a line was drawn in the back yard:

Lawn split

Sigh…is it too much to ask for a decent lawn.

Yes, when I started to see my electric bill climbing as the drought strengthened, I choose my wallet over the grass – that at least explains, in part, my partial “Dust Bowl” – but the much greener grass was treated the exact same way.

I think it’s time to bring in a pro. Don’t get me started on the front lawn – I’ll throw moss and lichen at you…