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NYC Anarchist Unhappy with Trump’s Designation of NYC as Anarchist Jurisdiction


The President labeled NYC an Anarchist Jurisdiction. Thom Kennon, an adjunct NYU professor, and anarchist does not care for Trump’s terminology. He says, “anarchists don’t do jurisdictions, we do what’s called prefigurative politics, building new, more equitable worlds now.”

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If that sounds leftwing, it is.

The Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council released a statement saying that,


We denounce Trump’s attempt to scapegoat anarchists, distract from his disastrous regime in the run-up to the election, and pit other leftists and progressives against us so that we fight each other rather than building the world we want to see,” it read.


These are Leftist Anarchists, not that I’ve ever thought of them as anything else, no offense to my Free State friends who think anarchy is groovy. I happen to think they all fail for the same left-wing reasons.

The Democrat utopia goes for maximum government control with a goal of those people then giving up all the power so we can all share in the glory of…something. It has never happened, and it never will.

Anarchy assumes everyone will respect each other’s stuff and do all the things societies need to have done, and that’ll never happen either. Anarchy is a wide-open invitation to warlords and strong-man government, which is little different than the Left’s iron grip that never let’s go.

That’s simplistic but not inaccurate.

The NYC Anarchists, at least, are not shy about their Leftism.


The group, whose organizing principles are “horizontalism, anti-oppression, mutual aid, direct democracy, and direct action,” said NYC had a long way to go before it could claim the mantel of full anarchism.


They’re Democrat utopianists with a different angle that’s the same, which explains their distaste for Trump. Aside from spending binge – which bugs the crap out of me – he’s done a fair bit more to interfere with the advance of the super-state than any president in this lifetime.

Was anyone alive when Coolidge was President?

As for NYC, it has been a Democrat magnet, but not all the cheap metal is locked in orbit. People are fleeing it because why? Well, it looks a lot like the advance of anarchy, if you ask me, which if you are paying attention, and I know you are, is why President Trump issued the designation.

Most New Yorkers may be left-leaning, but they are still attached to an American ideal under violent assault. If de Blasio or Cuomo let him, Mr. Trump would help stop it, but they won’t. And the burning question is, does this purely political ploy help or hurt them?