Nonprofits; not the political parties drive our politics. - Granite Grok

Nonprofits; not the political parties drive our politics.

dirty money

Arabella Advisors (AA) is a little known leftist consultancy but is responsible for a hidden river of cash. They were responsible for pouring $600 million into the 2018 political pipeline and are the left’s best-kept secret.

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This is important but perhaps not for the reason you think. Arabella proves something “money in politics” reporters have failed to notice or disclose. Nonprofits; not the political parties drive our politics.

The Sixteen Thirty Fund (1630) is Arabella Advisor’s in-house 501(c)(4) lobbying shop. It sponsors numerous pop-ups. They are intended to fool voters with names like North Carolinians for a Fair Economy. Another name they use is Michigan Families for Opportunity. Do you like to know who’s paying for the political ads you are subject to?

Virtually none of these groups reveal any connection to AA. They also do not reveal any connection to the nonprofits running them such as 1630. This makes it nearly impossible to discover which donor(s) actually funds them. That’s about as “dark” as you can get.

During the midterms, AA pop-ups savaged Republicans on health care. They used groups like Protect Our Care and Health Care Voter. Each pop up is run by hardcore Democratic operatives. Healthcare is an issue most observers agree hurt the Republican brand.

The effort helps elect politicians in alignment with AA’s donors. It is a tax-free, non-contribution contribution to a campaign. Your tax dollars are helping to pay for this.

Pin the name on the non-profit

AA’s nonprofits funneled millions of dollars into dozens of leftist get-out-the-vote (GOTV) groups. They fund groups like the Voter Registration Project (VRP). VRP seeks to hike voter turnout among left-leaning constituencies. Ever wonder what those constituencies really paid for?

In 2018 alone, 1630 passed over $27 million through to America Votes (AV). AV is a self-described “hub” for coordinating the left’s get out the vote operations. Its goal is to paint the congressional map blue. Did you know about this? Not only do they maneuver around campaign finance laws but they use your tax dollars to support causes because these non-profits don not pay their fair share… They just play politics.

Paid activists from Demand Justice, which is a front for 1630, blasted Justice Brett Kavanaugh. This occurred during his Supreme Court confirmation. They also regularly demand Democrats pack the Supreme Court with leftist judges. Is this activity you support? Is it an accident the AFL-CIO Demand Justice is talking working people are doing?

AA’s activism ramps up considerably during election years. This year will be no different. We should expect even more dark money and pop-up activism in 2020. AA’s Protect Our Care already brags about its new “coronavirus war room.” It is not to fight the virus. Its purpose is to sink Republicans in the coming election. Did you know that?

Arabella Advisors uses four in-house nonprofits. They work hand-in-glove with professional activists to run over 300 “pop-up” groups. Pop up groups are slick websites posing as grassroots activist groups. They can appear and vanish in an instant. This legion of pop-ups and lots of unaccountable cash; that is what AA is. It is all pumped into politics through nonprofits. This is allowing the Left to tilt elections, laws, and courts in directions their donors’ favor. It is worth your attention and concern.