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Dark Money for Leftist Causes is Unaccountable

Dark Money

There is a watchdog group called Americans for Public Trust working to pull back the curtain on Dark Money. They recently blew the whistle on the “news” website Courier Newsroom (CN). Did you ever hear of them?

CN is operating as a front for ACRONYM. They are a Democrat-aligned group set up to target 2020 swing states.

The discovery of the dark money pipeline is a win for transparency. We should know who’s buying what messaging and who they are buying it for. It is important to know how much money they spread around in the process. It helps us keep things in perspective. But, the source of “dark money” for leftists is even bigger. It is $600 million bigger. Are you interested now?

Who are some of the players?

Courier Newsroom is a creation of Arabella Advisors (AA). Have you ever heard of Arabella Advisors? They are a little known leftist consultancy. AA is responsible for a river of hidden cash. They are responsible for pouring $600 million of dark money in 2018 into the political pipeline. Could be enough to buy influence…

AA is the left’s best-kept secret. This is important but perhaps not for the reason you may be thinking. Arabella proves something “money in politics” reporters have failed to notice or disclose. You can decide for yourself which it is. Nonprofits; not the political parties drive our politics. If you have been around politics you know this, but it does not leap out at casual participants.

In the 2018 midterm elections, there were rivers of hidden spending by groups on the left. Here in New Hampshire, the Democrats spent about 5 times more than Republicans. Hmmm… Weren’t we told the Republicans are the big money Party? How does that work exactly? The ability to spend on campaigns has led to historic turnout among leftist voters.

How does the dark money program work?

Leftists owe much of their victory to AA’s shadowy nonprofit machine. Arabella specializes in moving dark money. Dark money is funding raised for political purposes by nonprofits. It is dark because nonprofits are free to keep the identities of their donors a secret. We have a nonprofit problem. What are we going to do about it? If you give to a nonprofit are you sure what they do with the money?

Arabella Advisors uses four in-house nonprofits. Each is created and run by Arabella Advisors. They work hand in glove with professional activists to run over 300 “pop-up” groups. Pop up groups are slick websites posing as grassroots activist groups. They can appear and vanish in an instant. They are of use in moving races of interest.

Legions of pop-ups and lots of unaccountable cash, that is what AA is. It is all pumped into politics through nonprofits. This allows the Left to tilt elections, laws, and courts in directions their donors’ favor. And no one is allowed to know who donates or what they expect in return. Now you know there is a lot of dark money for leftist causes. Hello, are you listening?