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If You Want Your Vote to Count … Vote in Person.

I hope to do a longer post about all the fraud that Mail-in-Voting makes possible, but I want to separately highlight this from a New York post piece based on the confessions of a Democrat vote-fraudster:

The tipster said sometimes postal employees are in on the scam.

“You have a postman who is a rabid anti-Trump guy and he’s working in Bedminster or some Republican stronghold … He can take those [filled-out] ballots, and knowing 95% are going to a Republican, he can just throw those in the garbage.”

In some cases, mail carriers were members of his “work crew,” and would sift ballots from the mail and hand them over to the operative.

To be clear, I am not claiming anything like this has happened in New Hampshire. And I certainly hope that it has not happened and never will happen.

What I am saying is that this election is too important to take a chance. The Left is willing to say anything and do anything to prevent President Trump’s reelection. Make it as hard as possible for them to negate your vote … VOTE IN PERSON.