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How the Media will try to help the Biden Campaign Win

Honest Journalism is Dead

It’s become painfully obvious over the past few years that corporate media tossed out any journalistic integrity they may have had in the past. You’d have to be hiding under a rock not to notice. They’ve finally taken off their ‘journalistic’ masks and showed that they are nothing but leftists who will essentially do anything to take back power.

That’s one reason many aren’t being honest about the violent riots happening across the country or the violence that Black Lives Matter activists are inflicting on innocent people just trying to enjoy their dinner, actually have a peaceful event or go for a bike ride. They call them ‘peaceful protesters’ and expect you’re ignorant enough to believe it. The media also doesn’t remind people that BLM rose up under Obama/Biden and participated in violent riots back then as well.

I happened upon an excellent thread (posted below) on Twitter and the author makes several very valid points.

The Biden campaign can’t win over any new voters because they literally have nothing to offer. The policies of Biden/Harris are too extreme for regular Americans and will absolutely kill middle class jobs all while raising taxes on the same people. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do the math on what Biden wants to put into place. You’ll notice they rarely even discuss policy on the campaign trail. It’s probably why Biden only does scripted events and only takes scripted questions from ‘reporters’ that are hand-picked by his campaign.

The recent attack on Trump with the anonymously sourced and anonymously confirmed claims that Trump denigrated our Troops who were killed in battle while in France, is just the first example of what Impomeni describes as the “coordinated media assault on Trump’s base.” And this anonymously sourced and anonymously confirmed story was absolutely coordinated with the Biden campaign as well as the entire Democrat Party. They had ads within hours of the provenly false story being released by The Atlantic.

Since Biden isn’t going to win over voters based on his personality or policies, they must work to pick off fence sitters and Trump voters. The media, who are really just an extension of the Biden campaign, will continue to post anonymous sources, and regardless of how many sources, ON THE RECORD, deny those claims, they’ll still run with any smears they can in order to help sway voters away from Trump. It’s actually what the media has been doing ever since Trump took office and even before then, after propping him up in the 2016 Republican primaries, thinking Clinton would easily beat him.

Already, Democrats and their flying monkeys in the media are trying to claim Russia is interfering in the election, for Trump. The biggest interference in our election isn’t from China or Russia or any other country, it’s from our own American media, who have decided that their personal politics of hatred and leftist intolerance, are more important than pretending to have any journalistic integrity.

Neither the media nor Democrats have gotten over the fact that Clinton lost. Yes, over 3 years later, they are still angry and now, more than ever, desperate to take back power for their party….

By any means necessary.

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