DISQUS Doodlings - Did a Trump Endorsement "Make the Win" in the NH US Senate Primary? - Granite Grok

DISQUS Doodlings – Did a Trump Endorsement “Make the Win” in the NH US Senate Primary?

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It might be a question you’ve asked about the NH Republican primary for US Senate. Did a Trump Endorsement “Make the Win”? NHNative asked in our comment section under “NH Primary Election Results with Some Analysis.” It’s a good question so I figured I’d promote it.

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Oh. And I’m wondering Skip, if you think Messner’s win is related to his Trump Endorsement. Because I did notice in that debate that several times he avoided answering the question and just went to the “Look I’m the guy with the Trump Endorsement here..” attitude.
And close watchers like us know that some of Trumps endorsements have been fails. So that didn’t sway me in the least. I’m curious about how much weight that wound up having.

Again, a good question but I think I ended up answering it a bit differently than she might have thought. Plus, more that I didn’t leave before afterward.

GraniteGrok Mod  NHnative • 21 hours ago
It has to be a part of it – but only a part of it. To be honest, he spent BIGLY in getting the name recognition out there as he knew Boldoc couldn’t use that tactic.

Money isn’t everything, though – money without a message that doesn’t resonate spells #FAIL. He answered almost all of our GrokGauntlet questions without them sounding ‘canned’ – not entirely sure those answers reflected his public messages (even as they were decent to good answers).

And that’s my message – you gotta be authentic with a message that resonates. Without it, you fail. Further, you can’t “buy” a message, either.

And to the question:

It’s like job hunting – the Trump endorsement is like a resume in that it gets you the chance to get looked at. After that, it’s all on you and if your message sucks or you blow the interview, you’re toast.

A single endorsement isn’t going to sway me. In fact, a whole bunch of endorsements won’t do it for me either. The operative point isn’t WHO has given an endorsement, it’s what we know them and THEIR stances. If someone gets a whole lot of endorsements from people I believe to be RINOs or Establishment Rs, that will be far less consequential to me than someone else that might just have a small handful of endorsements IF that handful of folks I know are rock solid, standing on Principle oriented Conservatarians.

But it still is only the “opening the door”. IF I trust the endorsers, I’m open to considering the candidate. But ONLY in considering – endorsements are only “passing the resume test”.  Then my homework/interview process starts.