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The Next Time Someone Tells You the Government Can Make Better Things

Gas Can

DCE over at Weekend Pundit JUST HAD to wind me up on this subject – AGAIN! That’s his image above and I HATE these freaking gas cans! I’ve ranted about “the gas cans Government ‘bestowed’ upon us” before and will probably continue to do so now that snowblower season is fast approaching.

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The snowblower is a gas using beast and the gas tank is small and requires a fill up every second or third time I use it. I HATE THESE FREAKING THINGS!

I would have complained all summer long but my weedwhacker doesn’t get as much use as it should. Then there’s the leafblower (coming soon), which also works well in the winter when we get those light dustings of fluffy snow.

And no summer ranting also because I’ve converted to some battery-powered yeard tools. And the recently purchased John Deere lawn tractor has a gas tank opening wide enough that I just take the dang nozzle off.

And all because some bureaucrat who thought he was making things “safer for all of us” as some stupid dingaling was trying to “throw” gas from the old-style cans onto open fires and making themselves Darwin Award winners and also-rans (sadly, the site doesn’t get many updates anymore – it used to be a “go-to” site all the time).

NH State Rep Kris Roberts (D)“Government has to protect us from our own stupidity.”

But, I guess these self-same “saviors of the masses” believe themselves to be a step above the rest of us simply because their paychecks have yet another government flack signing the front of it.

Risk aversion. Yeah, that’s where the US has been headed for a long time – no longer, I believer, are we the descendants of those coming to America to seek a new life even though it would be hard and difficult (and in the very early history, the possibility of dying along the way was quite non-zero). Since the 60s, I’ve seen the dismantling of what used to be considered normal life with all of its intended possibilities of making bad decisions to having the government telling us what to do for “health and safety” reasons.

Nashua’s top-down government’s making non-mask wearing a $1,000 fine is a prime example of both the emphasis of “health and safety” despotism as well as “Hey, they ELECTED us to do this to themselves!” attitude is just as bad as gas cans that don’t work without spilling a significant amount of gas on the floor/grass/ground. Doubly troublesome for me as I’m developing carpal tunnel and the strength is leaving my hands.

I HATE THESE FREAKING THINGS!  What I hate worse is all of the now self-declared (inside and outside government) Karens, Mrs. Kravetzes, and busybodies believing they have the right to tell me how to live my life.

I oughta bring a gas can to their houses and offer to fill their cars for free…