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NH Dem Timothy Horrigan Tells Massachusetts They Should Tax Remote NH Workers

Tim Horrigan

Timothy Horrigan is a staple of the New Hampshire Democrat Party. He’s been around a while, held numerous offices, and every now and then says something fascinating. Maybe more often than that, but often enough that we hear about it.

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He was the first NH Dem to tell us Global warming meant more snow (not less) after years of Dems telling us our kids would not know what snow is. Many snowy winters meant the narrative needed a do-over, and Timmy just took it all on faith. That’s fine since it’s a religion and all.

The current “thing” relates to a tax problem. Massachusetts locked itself up or down however you prefer. Many New Hampshire workers who commuted had to work remotely from home. Earlier this month, we found out that Taxachusetts taxed them as if they were working from Massachusetts.

Governor Sununu stepped in and has said he won’t stand for that. Whatever other wheels or gears that need turning, we are told, are in motion. And along comes Tim Horrigan (we are told) expressed support for Massachusetts taxing remote NH workers, and he told this to people working for the State of Massachusetts.

Here’s where it gets interesting. This was a Massachusetts Department of Revenue zoom meeting. An Online Public Hearing on a rule to tax nonresidents employed by companies with office space in the Bay State but who were not physically “working” in Massachusetts.

Mr. Horrigan would have had to have learned of the public meeting, planned to “attend,” even registered beforehand so that he had his opportunity to sell Granite Stater’s out.

Kimberly Rice, who was on the same remote webinar, had this to say.


I think it’s shameful that Rep. Horrigan feels granite staters who are working from home in N.H. for Massachusetts companies should be paying income tax to Massachusetts! What are they paying it for? They are not utilizing any taxpayer services such as the police or fire, nor are they putting any wear and tear on the roads! The fact that they want to make it retroactive would greatly hurt granite staters!


I guess the next question is why.

Even New Hampshire Democrats (at least a few) have had the sense to oppose the Massachusetts plan. I guess that, since there is no limit to the amount of other people’s money that Democrats will spend, Mr. Horrigan would like to return the favor someday.

For that to happen, we’d need more elected Democrats who would then impose an income tax.

We know they want this because they have proposed it in the past, and every election cycle for several years has included candidates who refuse to pledge to oppose broad-based taxes.

And, obviously, everything else they run on requires lots of new spending. New spending means they need more revenue. More revenue comes from more and higher taxes.

So, Timmy’s just thinking ahead. If NH Dems allow Taxachusetts to take money from remote workers who never left New Hampshire, Democrats in New Hampshire could return the favor.

None of these scenarios is good for New Hampshire or New Hampshire workers, and maybe that’s why a New Hampshire Democrat is fine with them. The secret is that he’s not alone.