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Democrat Dictionary – “Peaceful”

Seattle Riots

We like to review the word games from time to time. I call it the Democrat dictionary. It’ a very fluid work. Definitions move like field mice trying to escape a hawk. But this one is very current, and we have to good fortune of video provided by the White House Press Secretary for back up.

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The word is peaceful. They (Democrats, leftists, etc.) will, on rare occasions, include the word mostly, but only when cornered. Our ‘definition is visual, so here you go—the Democrat media Industrial complex definition of Peaceful.

That’s not the best part. This asshat chimed in with this.

And for every act of rape and murder, there are (at least?) a million acts of kindness. Maybe more. So, let’s ignore the bad parts because you know, good stuff. And that’s probably true, you’ll have to check my math, but here’s the thing. Fake Mustache is claiming that this clip is not 100% representative of the situation.

Oh, but it is. The situation that requires playing this clip during a White House press conference is the near-total media blackout on the violence and the message that these are all peaceful protests.

In other words, what the institutional media is representing is not 100% of the situation. There is a lot of violence and destruction and chaos. People, including first responders, are getting injured and killed. Citizens, civilians, are being harmed, and their property is being destroyed. Public, taxpayer paid-for property is being damaged every day.

Besides, if a Trump support makes the okay symbol (to say, um, OK!) with their hand, it’s a systemic Nazi, racist, colonialist, supremacy-ism, or something.  We’re all guilty, and off to the speech gulag we must go to be pilloried and re-educated for eternity.

A few hooligans do a  few (hundred?) million dollars worth of damage (times how many cities are they in), and hey, they are mostly peaceful.


And my work here is done.

Go, make yourself a sandwich. You earned it. Is that white bread? /racist!