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COVID19 “Spikes” Prove Lockdowns Were Unnecessary and a Complete Waste of Time

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Confining healthy people who have nothing to fear from an infection caused massive economic and human damage to millions for nothing. Real harm. Once allowed to emerge from hibernation, their reward might be to find themselves infected anyway and to no bothersome end. Certainly not a mortal one.

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SARS CoV2, like most Flus, claims the lives of people most likely to have died anyway. Those over seventy with preexisting conditions. The medical data around the world proves this sad truth. It also demonstrates that neither masks nor distancing do any more than lockdowns, shutdowns, or quarantine of people who are asymptomatic or uninfected.

The spikes are proof lockdowns were pointless, even if the reported numbers are in some respects exaggerations or even an outright lie.

First, so we are clear, cases mean nothing medically, but it sure gets clicks and views. In other words, this is a media virus—a clickbait paradise. Because getting diagnosed with COVID19, with rare exceptions noted to those who are high risk, only means you have it or had it. Yes, the numbers you see are often an accumulation of those who tested positive for antibodies (been there, nothing happened, done that), and those with an active virus with or more likely without symptoms.

Every one of those people is now weaponized to brush off future contact with anyone who has it—no vaccine, no new lockdowns, back to living what is left of a normal life.

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Beautiful Sweden has proven this as well as any nation on earth. They did little to nothing, and you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who has it because they’ve already been exposed to it.


A few months ago, Dr. Kendrick says that “practically everyone who was tested had COVID,” even if the presenting symptom was a “nose bleed” or “stomach pain.” Today, he reports that he hasn’t seen a COVID patient in over a month, and even when he tests patients with fever or cough, the “tests invariably come back as negative.”

To be clear, Sweden’s economy is wide open.  No one is social distancing or wearing a ridiculous mask.  Life is back to normal, and the infection rate is still falling. It’s pretty safe to say the population in Sweden has now built some level of immunity to the virus, and all signs indeed point to the pandemic being over in Sweden.


Spikes are inevitable. It means more people are building antibodies, and the faster we get that done, the sooner we can stop treating everyone like a leper or killing people with the political response.

There is no escape, and unless you are in one of a very few high-risk groups, that doesn’t mean anything. And for those who are at risk, Hydroxychloroquine has shown tremendous success – another fact the gate-keepers want “quarantined” from the public.

Politicians who are committing to new mask mandates and lockdowns and shutdowns are only making the colossal mistake they made the first time- guaranteeing those failures will continue until you stop putting up with it or replace them with someone else. Maybe an American of Swedish descent?