President Trump Announces End to Taxpayer Funding of Corrupt UN World Health Organization (WHO) - Granite Grok

President Trump Announces End to Taxpayer Funding of Corrupt UN World Health Organization (WHO)


President Trump has announced that effective Friday, American taxpayers will no longer backstop the UN’s corrupt World Health Organization. A temporary freeze in payments will become permanent cutting off approximately 400 million a year is US support.

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The usual UN loving, globalists suspects are losing their minds but this needs to happen.

Whatever the original mission, the WHO is a corrupt globalist organization. It pandered to Communist Chinese and, by its own admission, failed to warn the world. How many tens of thousands of lives could have been saved? We will never know.

The people freaking out are mostly on the Left. Remember them? The party that screamed “the Trump-China Travel Ban is racist.” That is was unnecessary. These are the same people who fearmongered Hydroxychloroquine to the detriment of how many American lives? We will never know.

I contend that this move, like most Trumpian action, is not meant to permanently extract the US from any involvement with the UN’s World Health Organization. He is applying pressure to force change. He used the same tactic to get the delinquent NATO countries to pay their (what’s the phrase?) Fair Share of funding for the defense of the Alliance. It got Mexico and Canada to the table to redo NAFTA. He pressured China into a better Trade deal with the US.

Tightening the US purse strings has proven highly effective across the globe from regional allies to our border and immigration policy, trade, and don’t forget the UN – as corrupt and useless an organization as may have ever existed under cover of protecting human rights.

The UN, like the WHO, whatever its original mission, is now a failed, corrupt, globalist organization, and we should not be supporting that.

It’s Your Money

The Trump administration, which already froze funding, says there are no plans to go back once we’re officially out. Will it facilitate change? I doubt it.

Everyone else is scrambling to figure out if the Executive Branch can even do this or, more accurately, how to stop it (see also, find a friendly judge). I’d expect the Left to win that one, but I’m sure the White House Lawyers did their due diligence.

As for opponents of Trump’s move bleating about vaccines, research, and cooperation, is the rest of the world cutting the cord as well? Did the UN stop being the UN? No. And what’s stopping private interests from forking over the difference? They dump billions into development annually, including bio-med, research, and pharmacology.

Hey, there’s an upside to funding a fiscally bottomless corrupt UN agency. You can buy influence. Speaking of which, why not just have the Communist Chinese pay the difference? The WHO s already doing their bidding to the detriment of American taxpayers.

Yes, the argument could also be about taxpayer value. What are we getting from the WHO for 400 million a year in tax dollars? Well, we got this virus coverup that killed tens of thousands unnecessarily as a result of Chinese pressure on the WHO. So, we were paying for ChiComm propaganda?

Instead of pandering the Trump team did a quick back of the envelope audit and decided we’re better off out than in, as they say. They are not wrong.

That 400 million a year could do a lot more good elsewhere, including making the tiniest of barely visible dings ( a blemish really) in a growing debt problem that is a bigger threat to our health and safety that SARS Cov2.