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The Black Lives Matter Representative Sununu Chose for His “Law Enforcement Commission” … She Hates America.

So, as you may know, Governor Sununu formed a “Commission on Law Enforcement Accountability, Community, and Transparency” in response to the killing of George Floyd … in Minnesota. Not because Sununu believes there is “systemic racism” in New Hampshire … he doesn’t:

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Sununu said at Tuesday’s COVID-19 press conference that while he supports the protests, he doesn’t believe there is systematic racism in New Hampshire’s police community.

So exactly why do we need this commission?

“We talk about implicit bias. We talk about the idea of making sure that all the law enforcement communities across the state understand those issues in terms of how to deal with them,” Sununu acknowledged, but added, “Do we have systematic racism throughout our law enforcement community here in New Hampshire? No.”

This is prattle … “implicit bias” is just a different way of saying “systemic racism.” But prattle is what we’ve come to expect from Sununu every time he opens his mouth. But I digress.

After he formed his commission Sununu was criticized by an NHPR “reporter” for not having named a representative of Black Lives Matter to the commission. Sununu, being Sununu, of course immediately added a representative of Black Lives Matter:

Sununu did not initially include a representative from the local Black Lives Matter movement on the commission until he was asked about the omission at a press conference.

Afterwards, he called Ronelle Tshiela, one of the leaders of Black Lives Matter in Manchester, and invited her to join.

From Ms. Tshiela’s twitter:

So, apparently, Ms. Tsheila does not believe in celebrating Independence Day. The “thread” explains why “air” does not celebrate Independence Day, which presumably is also why Ms. Tsheila doesn’t:

The quote is from a very famous speech delivered by Frederick Douglass … BEFORE the Civil War.

After the Civil War, however, the emancipated slaves treated Independence Day as a celebration of their emancipation. From the Atlantic, hardly a bastion of conservative thought:

A little over a decade later [after the speech], however, African Americans like Douglass began making the glorious anniversary their own. After the end of the Civil War in 1865, the nation’s four million newly emancipated citizens transformed Independence Day into a celebration of black freedom. The Fourth became an almost exclusively African American holiday in the states of the former Confederacy—until white Southerners, after violently reasserting their dominance of the region, snuffed these black commemorations out. …

… whites deeply resented their former slaves turning the Fourth into a commemoration of black liberty. … In the years that followed [the North’s abandonment of Reconstruction], as white Southerners began implementing segregationist laws and customs, they quashed official black celebrations of the Fourth. … [followed by] a concerted effort to delegitimize black claims to the holiday. African Americans did not observe the Fourth, white critics sneered, out of a sincere sense of patriotism or an accurate understanding of what the day meant. After all, they insisted, the Fourth of July did not apply to black Americans. It neither represented their freedom nor testified to their status as people worthy of equal citizenship. …

How ironic and sad and troubling that Ms. Tsheila apparently thinks that Black Americans should not celebrate Independence Day. And that she apparently thinks that slavery makes America irreparably evil … despite the Civil War, despite Eisenhower sending troops to Little Rock in 1957, despite the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

And then there is this:

Without a Columbus there would be no United States of America. Apparently, Ms. Tsheila believes the world would be a better place without America.

Perhaps she believes here would have been no slavery but for America. This, needless to say, is nonsense. Slavery did not commence with the colonization of North America, but had existed throughout history.

Or perhaps Ms. Tsheila believes the fake-history that American Indians were all living in peaceful harmony pre-Columbus. They were not. The Aztecs and Mayans were imperialistic civilizations and waged constant war on their neighbors to obtain captives to be sacrificed to their gods. The Iroquois warred among themselves and then against the Algonquins. Also, American Indians regularly enslaved war-captives and after the arrival of the colonists also held Blacks as slaves.

And there is this:

Our nation did not kill Martin Luther King, Jr.. He was killed by James Earl Ray, likely acting alone.

To be clear, I think that Sununu’s “Commission on Law Enforcement Accountability, Community, and Transparency” is just another example of Sununu trying to show how “woke” he is and/or the Sununu “co-opting” an issue, and/or padding his political resume for a run for higher office.

But giving Sununu the benefit of the doubt … that is, assuming he intends to implement the commission’s recommendations … someone who holds as much unfounded animus toward America as Ms. Tsheila should NOT be on the commission.