So protecting unborn babies is now RAAACIST? - Granite Grok

So protecting unborn babies is now RAAACIST?

Flabbergasted. I just have no idea how these people go from point A to point “KILL THE BABIES or you’re a racist!”! Over at PJ Media comes the news that two Congressional Socialists have twisted the original intent of both the Hyde and Helms Amendments (preventing taxpayer monies to be expended domestically and internationally on abortions, respectively) in their “Abortion is Health Care Everywhere Act of 2020.” that goes deep into the Progressive euphemisms (they never seem to be willing to use normal language for this stuff) in summarizing the purpose:

To amend the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 to authorize the use of funds for comprehensive reproductive health care services, and for other purposes.

Both basically are there for one purpose – kill babies. That’s it – that’s the main purpose (regardless of what Bruce Currie wishes us to believe otherwise).  Uber-Progressive US Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) went further in twisting both our language and the intent. Hey, everyone ELSE is using RAACIST! for any purpose – why not now?

“The Helms Amendment is a policy deeply rooted in racism. It imposes our arbitrary and medically unnecessary abortion restrictions on international communities, allowing the United States to control the health care and bodily autonomy of billions Black and brown people around the world.

Just like the Hyde Amendment, the Helms Amendment puts reproductive and economic freedom out of reach for women of color. But enough is enough, and both amendments must fall if we want to realize true health equity and reproductive justice.”

Abortion is about the killing of babies – ANY color skin that it would have had. Abortion isn’t racist. It is, however, both a Sacrament of the Left and a visible sense of their morality (e.g., killing is a public good).

WHY is it OUR responsibility to be forced to participate in the killing of babies ANYWHERE? The US can’t “impose” any such restrictions on ANY “international community” (as if it is our responsibility in the first place?) – if those “communities” want to “entitle” (let’s use the correct words here) their women to kill their own babies, that’s up to them and not us.  We “control” nothing – the only “control” in this respect are Democrat Socialists demanding to control not just our wallets but our conscience as well. Yet, there they go in trying to ride the current Left’s weaponization of our language: White Guilt in the use of Faux Racism.

It ain’t working with me and if you were a morally good and decent person, you’d be against killing innocent babies. And you’d also be with me in asking these to murderers (because if you are advocating for killing babies, that’s what you are). “what about self-responsibility?”

Believe that abortion is murder?  Too bad – we will MAKE you bend your knee to us, your modern version of King Nebuchadnezzar. Get that bit about “medically unneccessary” bit?  Just another hammer hit that they are working hard to NOT allow you to bring morality into the argument. They only want a fiat accompli for their monologue.

But then, again, these Socialists see this country as an Oppressive force on the rest of the world. So how does killing their young equate to being our “penance”?

And that “true health equity and reproductive justice.” Equity means YOU get to get fleeced to pay for someone else. Equity, in Progressive Land, means never having say sorry for lowering your standard of living because of THEIR morality (of shared misery and that you WILL bow to their God – Government). And they’ve made it clear that they believe that American citizens should be subservient to World Citizens by paying for everyone else in the world.

And “reproductive justice” is just another word salad for “body autonomy” which rejects the idea that it takes two to tango – the guy only exists to pay for 18 years IF the baby passes through the birth canal. It completely dismisses that unborn babies are a new life completely separate from both the mother and the father. What about THEIR body autonomy – the respect to NOT rip that baby limb from limb and know that this baby is a gift from God.

Oh wait – this is the Party that booed God at their 2012 national convention, isn’t it? They are the gods they’ve been looking for…

Anyways, Ayanna Pressley, part of AOC’s Squad, piled on:

Abortion care is health care and health care is a fundamental human right. For too long, anti-choice policy, including the Helms Amendment and the Hyde Amendment, has dictated who has access to critical healthcare, economic opportunity and bodily autonomy,” Pressley argued. “We must be consistent in our calls to dismantle racist policies that perpetuate inequities and exacerbate health disparities for Black and brown people here in the United States and around the globe.”

No, it isn’t a “Fundamental Right” – not if someone has to (or in this case, FORCED to) participate in exercising that faux right. It’s an Entitlement if anyone else, by Government demand, has their time, their money, and their beliefs taken from them. THIS is one of the most extreme and basic bastardization of our common language – the conflation of what a Right is and what an Entitlement is in order to push their Socialist agenda forward and in taking your REAL Rights from you.

This has nothing to do with “anti-choice” at all – people in other countries, or even here in the US because of Roe vs Wade, can make that decision. Just because US citizens can’t have their money taken from them for this action isn’t anti-choice. You want one – YOU pay for it. But again, another bastardization of common word definitions.

And the use of “dismantle racist policies” is just using the current “crisis” to fight for their agenda.

If my words seems like a re-run of other posts, well, it is. And that’s because they don’t stop in moving to their desired end goals. They never stop. Which means, we never should stop from blocking them.

Especially in the case of murder of innocents. But those innocents don’t matter to Democrats / Socialist, only Power and only the Power to make you do what they want and, ultimately, the Power to control your beliefs. It’s been 1984 for 140 years with them.

They wish to regress us to their version of neo-feudalism.

(H/T: PJ Media)