Rep. Wacky-Wendy Thomas (Marxist – Merrimack) … Waiting to be “Summoned” to Defend ANTIFA - Granite Grok

Rep. Wacky-Wendy Thomas (Marxist – Merrimack) … Waiting to be “Summoned” to Defend ANTIFA


And what is “WallofMomsNH”? It is a copycat of “Wall of Moms” in Portland … which is an arm of ANTIFA:

Wall of Moms is ANTIFA’s response to federal law enforcement, who … unlike the Portland Police are not under orders to let ANTIFA run amok … and aren’t. The “Moms” are intended to function as human shields for the ANTIFA, who are only tough guys when the police are told to stand down by Democrat politicians or against hopelessly outnumbered victims.

“WallofMomsNH” obviously would play a similar support role for ANTIFA riots in New Hampshire … even though there have not been any ANTIFA riots in New Hampshire … because, unlike the helpless residents of Portland, we are armed and … based on anecdotal evidence … pretty decent shots.

But Wacky-Wendy Thomas wants to change all that. She wants ANTIFA riots in Manchester, Nashua, Portsmouth and Concord:

And to the extent that Wacky-Wendy is going to claim that “WallofMomsNH” is to support “peaceful protest” … I give you this retweet, which shows that is a damn lie:

So it is indisputable that Wacky-Wendy is supporting a group that is supporting a Marxist insurrection. I wonder whether Wacky-Wendy is actually “WallofMomsNH.” But either way, she is engaging in conduct that is violative of the oath she took as a State Representative to uphold the Constitution, and is totally reprehensible.

It is also pretty damn creepy that she uses the word “summoned.” Does she see herself as analogous to a Sith acolyte?

The most concerning aspect of all this is that Wacky-Wendy is not even considered one of the most extreme NH-Democrats. That shows just how extreme the NH-Democrats have become.