Once again, is Trump baiting the Left by saying that delaying the 2020 elections might be in the cards? - Granite Grok

Once again, is Trump baiting the Left by saying that delaying the 2020 elections might be in the cards?

Trump oh look I won again

I have to admit, I really didn’t think of this angle from Instapundit: UPDATE: A friend on Facebook comments: “The left is going bonkers over this.”

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They’re too dumb to realize this is a play off the left’s ‘we can’t start school until we have a vaccine’ and ‘we can’t go back to work until Covid runs its course’ positions. The left now has to choose one course or the other.”

Once again, Trump seems to intuitively understand how to make the outspoken and acrimonious Democrats, all trying to make him look bad (along with sorta former “Republicans” like Jennifer “I chase dollar bills on a string” Horn).

Read that quote, silently, and think about it, silently. Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals (RULE 4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules”). The Left, ESPECIALLY the teacher’s unions (one of the biggest Democrat supporting units as well as a Socialist/Political mouthpiece all on their own) are adamant than unless everything is perfectly safe, they don’t want to go back to work.

True, too, is all of the Democrat handwringing about going to the polls to vote in November. They have left no wayward chance of reminding people that it could be DANGEROUS to go to the poll!  Let’s get real, that’s what they say but the goal will be the fraud ridden vote-by-mail that will give them majorities for decades to come.

But, if voting is DANGEROUS AT THE POLLS!, then why NOT delay voting until all is safe? The teachers certainly are telling us that they won’t go back to work unless it is basically all safe – and thus delaying school openings (as well as arguing for every Leftist agenda item on the books even if they have nothing to do with Education.

If the Left can politicize going back to school, why can’t Trump point out their idiocracy by using the Object Lesson of voting?  Fair is fair, right?  RIGHT?

Oh, you say Democrats, only WE can do that!

Exactly what Trump is pointing out…

UPDATE: And right on cue, just like JHo, here comes The Corner (thinking of Never Trumpers) thinking he’s being lame again.