FB Doodlings – Black Lives Matter Event – Gilford, New Hampshire – Part 4 Whose Privilege is it? - Granite Grok

FB Doodlings – Black Lives Matter Event – Gilford, New Hampshire – Part 4 Whose Privilege is it?

White Privilege stereotype

Yeah, the Left is ALL about Privilege? They’re always asking about it – and you are their target. Well, I’ve gotten a bit tired of that bit of Moral Superiority (can’t you tell) and (again), I’ve gotten to the age where I no longer suffer self-assured incompetents (e.g., fools) much anymore. Like this guy concerning the family that is tired of having politics shoved in their faces all the time.

Like this one:


Leftist Privilege 1I am very doubtful that this guy knows the family at all but simply for assuming the guy is racist instead of just tired of seeing politics all the time, he casually announces “his Truth”. So, of course, I pipped up with an alternative (after all, the BLM signs, from what I understand and saw, were tacked to most of the utility poles outside this poor guy’s house).

So of course, Jonathan Mesquita Jr. hauls out a very bad story; not even addressing what I had just said as if the guy who was upset with seeing BLM signs all over had shot someone. This is the level of discourse that seems to be normal with these folks – immediately find the Rhetorical Cliff and go soaring off into the Abyss of Unreasonableness in Debating.

And for good touch, throws in the “White Privilege” silliness (to me, anyways, but Gospel to these folks that should NEVER be disputed).

Talk about ignorance, eh? He has no idea what my stances are, he doesn’t know my history – I’m quite sure he’s never met me. But boy, he’s absolutely  sure (back to that self-assured incompetents again – thanks, Jim!) that I have White Privilege. In other words, I (and everyone else that is the People of Pallor) has this attribute.

Assume – you know what another word for this is? Yeah – stereotyping. Isn’t this supposed to be a BAD thing? By ANYONE? But there you go and there he is.

Dontcha just LOVE that implicit Power that Leftists have in judging people they know nothing about? Why, it’s an entire Class of people – isn’t that supposed to be a no-no?

Yeah, so quick a response:

“It’s that kind of blithely calling other people epithets with no basis at all that is creating much division and resentment. And it really comes down to “I am privileged to call other people names because I don’t like their opinion.”

And isn’t that the core part of Leftist Privilege from their “superior” platform of higher Moral Superiority? Of course, the “boomer” part really means “I got nothing”. I should have gone back and said “Hey, thanks for the Ageism slam”. And yes, mine was meant with sarcasm.

So question for you all, who has a better retort than “Nice PC line”?