Doc Says Terms Like Adam's Apple and Achilles Heel are Sexist - Granite Grok

Doc Says Terms Like Adam’s Apple and Achilles Heel are Sexist

Body parts named after Men Daily Mail

I’m not sure where they found the time with all this COVID business, but a Doctor from Down Under has announced that things named after men are sexist. She says terms like Adam’s Apple and Achilles Heel need to be phased out of the language.

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Queensland specialist obstetrician, gynaecologist and anatomy lecturer, Dr Kristin Small, teaches students to phase out irrelevant and misogynistic medical language. … ‘I think we have a personal choice to decolonise our language and these historical terms will fade out,’ Dr Small told the Courier Mail.

No mention of menopause or menstruation, but there appear to be 700 things in the human body named after men, and that’s just wrong, or something. So, in the interest of changing all of the journals, manuals, textbooks, and all the jobs that will save or create pharao has decided to strike their names from the records. To pull down these “statues” and replace them with safe spaces, sorry, I mean new words.

And okay, whatever, but that opens us up to a whole new problem. If things named after men are sexist, then things named after women would be as well. Equity, Equality, Diversity,

With what does that leave us? Doohickey? We can’t use doodad. How about the whatchamacallit connects to the thingamabob?

They’ll work it out, as well as the punishments for using the old sexist terms: New World Order and all that.

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