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Blogline of the Day – they aren’t being careful for what they wish for

heart of stone

IT WOULD TAKE A HEART OF STONE NOT TO LAUGH: “In San Francisco, where many locals push for… police reform, those same locals are tired of the break-ins.

“So how do they reconcile ‘defund the police’ with ‘stop the smash and grabs’?

At least there is one suggestion at the link but I think this is a great example of cognitive dissonance – holding two opposing views or beliefs at the same time. Does having police automatically mean more safety (e.g., if we tripled the number of police, would crime plummet equally?)? No, of course not. But that phrase, police reform, is another euphemism for “defund the police”. Less money, less feet on the ground. We’re already seeing a huge rise in violent crime in a lot of the urban cities – BEFORE getting defunded.

Democrat leaders in those cities (e.g, Communist NYC Mayor de Blasio for one big example) have belittled, denigrated, and not had the backs of those that try to keep order in the streets. Minneapolis, LA, NYC, Chicago – all are seeing dramatic rise in retirements and officers quitting. Almost as large as the Wu Flu infections is the Blue Flu. Moral is in the toilets.

We’re seeing a redo of Ferguson and Baltimore spread all over the nation in those large cities where police ended up “showing up” but little else. Why do their jobs when they could be subject to losing that job for Progressive politics? Why put their families at risk for perhaps risking their financial lives by getting bankrupted by lawsuits – especially those without merit – in which their city refuses to have their backs. I’m not talking about the few, really bad cops – they HAVE to be handled and not hidden away. Just the ordinary beat cop trying to do things right that is getting the shaft because the mob turns on them for whatever reason and the feckless Democrat leaders runaway from them.

For those citizens in those (and any other areas) that have been fulminating to really defund the police (and lumping all the good with the fairly few bad cops). Good. Let them live their wishes – good and hard.

(H/T: Instapundit)