Welcome to the City of “Antifa, Washington.” - Granite Grok

Welcome to the City of “Antifa, Washington.”


Since taking over parts of a liberal city, communist agitators have begun the process of running the day to day lives of the inhabitants, approximately 500 residential homes now belong to the collective.

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Armed activists roam the streets keeping calm – from themselves.

Looks like everything is going to be fine. According to our liberal lap-dog press.

The leftist mayor of Seattle has been sent orders to resign but her white privilege prevents her from doing the right thing by the former slaves who are now in charge of her plantation city. The back and forth between leftists is amusing though. You have to give them that.

I have a solution that might placate the new leaders of this off-beat mess of a city.

Let’s rename the entire place – Antifa.

Seattle, a silly name to begin with, shall now be legally referred to as “Antifa, Washington.”

The old name for Seattle was a bastardized name of an Indian chief:

How Seattle, Washington Got Its Name

The round eyes in 1850 could not pronounce the chief’s name so it has to be intentionally denigrating to all remaining Indians in racist America.

Time for “change” as they chant.

Back to Antifa.

Now that the rightful owners of the former racist city have taken over – when will the show trials start? We must have show trials to expose white crimes. What is the purpose of having control without show trials?

Lookup any communist take-over:

1.     Make infantile demands.

2.     Riots and violence until infantile demands are met.

3.     Topple statues.

4.     Show trials.

Has the racist mayor of old Seattle stepped down yet?