Perception: Left Loots Trump Tickets to Create Empty Seat Imagery but GOP Still Setting Fundraising Records - Granite Grok

Perception: Left Loots Trump Tickets to Create Empty Seat Imagery but GOP Still Setting Fundraising Records


Democrats have played the Tulsa Rally turnout as a sign of the President’s doom. Don’t buy into the COVID fallout narrative. No one that scared registered (who wanted to go). The empty seats were the result of leftists signing-up for tickets who never planned to go. To create a negative perception. Okay, let’s talk about perception.

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Over 500,000 people watched the Tulsa Trump Campaign rally live on YouTube. We shared the stream, as did many others. That’s a significant number. And according to the campaign, over 800,000 people signed up, not the one million-plus advertised previously. But?

On Friday, the president’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale, said over 800,000 people registered for tickets, branding it the “biggest data haul and rally signup of all time by 10x.”

800,000 people were never going to go but their data did.

Data is everything these days, and so is money. If you want talk perception in the ‘campaign-world’ – dollars do a lot because you can do a lot. And last month the GOP had it’s second-highest May haul in history.

Fundraising records continue to be challenged by Republicans, a firm sign that the GOP base is rallying behind President Trump as he steps back into campaign mode.

The latest example is from the Republican National Committee, which revealed to Secrets today that it took in the second-biggest haul ever for a May, $27.2 million.

Combined with the fundraising by the Trump campaign and its committees, the GOP operation raised $73.8 million in May and has a whopping $264.7 million in hand and no debt.

A fundraising effort on the President’s birthday, June 14th, netted another 14 million in a single day. That’s perception, baby.

Though I do have to hand it to the loony-lefties. The registering to make it look like low turnout is clever, and there were fewer bodies. And no one should ever assume anything in an election. When the day comes, you turn out the votes, or you lose. But one way to keep your turnout up and the opponents down is money to spend on messaging.

And you need a lot.

The Left has an infinite supply or corporate media support for their message and opposing the Presidents. Mr. Trump and the GOP have to fight that, the social media liberals, and still carve out enough states to win the electoral college.

He’ll need every vote, but he has one more thing working to his advantage. Left-wing policy could cost them a lot of states they can’t win without like PA, MI, and OH, to name just three.

On the flip side, the Republicans are still their own worst enemy, especially when it comes to the Trump era. If they could get out of their own way and build a Republican majority in congress with a Republican president (again) minus Paul Ryan, maybe some beneficial reform could get passed, agencies rolled back, and spending cuts implemented.

President Trump promised debt reduction and spending cuts in his second term. He’s kept most of his promises (as best he could) so far. I’m inclined to give him the chance. No Democrat will ever try to do it, and how many more opportunities at this are we likely to get?

One more point. No Democrat will ever haul us out of the virus-socialism economic downturn. Few Republicans could do it. They want to keep masked up and locked down.

And we know Trump can stimulate a recovery, so let’s make sure he’s around to do that.