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NH Ranked ‘Most Patriotic State’ in America – Wyoming is Second, Idaho Third…

Wallet Hub’s latest US States ranking report is out, and New Hampshire is number one for Patriotism. Let’s take a look at what they think qualifies and how the Granite State managed to grab the top prize.

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The two “categories” are Military engagement, which is broken down into four subcategories and Civic Engagement, which is parsed out into nine subcategories. Each is weighted for a certain number of points, and total scores are given.

New Hampshire took the top spot with a score of 63.97, beating number two Wyoming by just over two points.  As to how we got there from here (or here from there), I did get this in their email press release. 

Patriotism in New Hampshire (1=Most Patriotic; 25=Avg.):

  • 27th – Average Number of Military Enlistees per 1,000 Civilian Adults
  • 6th – Peace Corps Volunteers per Capita
  • 4th – % of Adults Who Voted in 2016 Presidential Election
  • 16th – Volunteer Rate
  • 10th – Veterans per 1,000 Civilian Adults
  • 1st – Civics Education Requirement
  • 14th – Volunteer Hours per Resident
  • 20th – AmeriCorps Volunteers per Capita

These details are not readily available from the website, as far as I could tell, but there are still some amusing points of interest. Pinko Vermont was #1 for PeaceCorp volunteers per capita but came in 47th place for military service enlistees. Is anyone surprised by that?

Here’s their top ten.

Most Patriotic Wallet Hub 6-2020 Top 10

Maryland made the top ten?

Another thing that surprised me? Texas came in 47th, just ahead of California (48th), New York (49th), and New Jersey (50th).

Here is their bottom ten.

Wallet hub patriotic states ottom 10

I guess at the end of the day, it’s a novelty, but we came in first, so let’s roll with that.

Here’s an embedded interactive version of their map. Scroll over your state to see their ranking. Click the link below the map to view the accompanying web page.

Source: WalletHub